Tula'rhun the Wanderer

I tamed a bear/umbraclaw called Tula’rhun the Wanderer and it’s classified as an exotic pet so I had to be BM to tame it. However, now I am using it as a MM hunter, but the pet bar isn’t complete, I have to open my pet talents to turn growl on and off. Not sure if it is truly an exotic pet or not, but thought I would share this oddity.

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tula’rhun only being tameable as BM is a bug - he’s just a regular bear, there’s no reason mm and sv shouldn’t be able to tame him.

regarding the pet bar, do you mean you can’t drag growl out of the spellbook and assign it to his pet bar in the first place or that the game isn’t saving the setting when you do?

I accidentally killed him as he spawned in all the ads for the quest down there after the long-awaited patch day =(*** So I didn’t get to taming yet to double check that unfortunately.

So today he died in the lava and I can’t rez him because I’m not BM at the moment. Guess I become a BM hunter, lol.

So, on the PTR he was a SB then changed to a bear on live. So, it must be some code left over that makes the game still think it’s a SB.

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This issue is still persisting. You cannot summon the blue bear without being Beastmaster. Your pet needs to be resummoned for things such as Mythic+ runs. Unless you are BM, the pet can’t be used effectively due to it being treated as an exotic pet falsely.

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He’s a 5-10 minute respond, this is good people won’t be fighting over him and if you make a mistake it’s not an issue.