Tuesday/Thursday Solid Naxx Pug looking DPS and healers

Naxxramas Hosted by Solid 12-15-2020 looking for members

We are looking for healers and DPS to fill a few spots in our normal weekly Naxx raid. The raid will begin 7:45 on Tuesday, 12-15

World buffs and consumables are encouraged but not required.

We will start with downed bosses and then move onto progression. The boss kill order is Anub’rekhan, Faerlina, Maexxna, (Noth, Heigan, Rasuvious, Gothikk …)

A soft reserve system with one soft reserve will be used for the entire week.
Players returning on Thursday will be awarded an additional soft reserve.
All other loot will follow a Main spec > Offspec random roll system.

The following items are hard reserved: Wraith Blade, Iblis Blade of the Fallen Seraph, Kiss of the Spider, Atiesh drops, Naxxramas scrap pieces, Words of Thawing and miscellaneous trash drops. Trash epics follow the normal soft reserve rules.

Please join the discord and look for the rules and information on how to show your interest.