Tuesday 8 hour maintenance

Sending me my beta invite.

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Isn’t that for resets and normal maintenance was 8 hrs? I live in Australia so its starts when I’m in bed normally so haven’t been awake for one in years

That’s mainly a warm restart.

Kind of hit the windows button go to the power icon and hitting restart.

A longer one is like that but hitting shut down then once it happens having to press the power button on your desk/lap top

DDR Tournament if I had to guess, rumor has it Ion is the current champion.


It’s like they unplug the servers and wait 10s then plug them back in :smiley:


According to Kaivax that happens Thursday

8 hours? Time for DJMAX RESPECT V level 12 to max difficulty and TV Shows.

Why cause he dances around questions?

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Realm connections.

The took down all the realms to do connections on Thurdsay and they were all back up within 20 mins.

Surprise pre-pre-patch event for sure

ITS RIDICULOUS WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO EVEN? maybe i’ll just play some diablo or finish my shadowlands gearing bis spreadsheet :rage:

Looks like he’s about to take a booterang to the face, poor fellow.

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idk why people are talking about maintenance. It’ll be a Monday.

Up by 5am, home by 5 ish for 12 days straight for a 2 days weekend. This was my 2 day weekend :frowning:

Dang and Tuesdays are my Saturdays. Guess i’m gonna be running over GIs on the shores of Iwo Jima in T minus 36 hours

Cable tech spotted. Gettum!:grinning:

Blah guess I have no excuse to not sort and pack for my upcoming move

This for sure. I don’t see any other reason.

Maybe some interesting changes like: we’ve removed the vision key cost. All essences are now unlocked and can be used by anyone. The corruption vendor has free corruptions/+cloak upgrades until the next content patch. The emissaries are all combined into one with a random piece of armor, azerite piece or ring/trinket.

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Secret warfront!

eh I doubt it will be the full eight hours. Most of the time the servers are up long before then. Two weeks ago the classic servers had eight hour maintenance to prep for AQ launch, and the maintenance lasted not even half that time.

One thing blizz has been good about in recent years, not having long maintenance times outside of launch days.