Tu/W 6:00-8:30pm [H] [Hyjal] <Pale Horse>

(Gldfsh) #1

Pale Horse - Hyjal is a group of mostly close friends and family who are experienced competitive gaming & WoW players that are looking to push Mythic content. We have CE in mind and will be striving for it in 8.2

Raid Times: Tuesday & Wednesday 6:00-8:30pm PST server time
(9:00pm-11:30pm est)

Currently 7/8H

Current recruitment needs:

Tank: We are not looking at this time but would consider exceptional applicants
Healer: We are not looking at this time but would consider exceptional applicants. Will consider Disc Priest applicants.
DPS: All RDPS applications are being considered.

Join our Discord to receive an application link or to speak to an officer directly.
https ://discord.gg/ gV7jzxj

Recruitment Contact:
Gldfsh#1218 - Discord
DatDotDoe#1270 - bnet

Most of us have raided together since vanilla. Our raids are organized and Discord chatter is well mannered. Our members are 25-45+ years old.

We are also looking for raiders that want to push M+ keys throughout the week. Our community is very active outside of raid and we are looking for more players that love WoW and play the game often.


4/8 M 379 Mistweaver and 380 moonkin looking for mythic guild
374 mage LFG 3/8 M prog - all welcome to msg
368 Affliction lock LF ACTIVE mythic raiding guild
379 Warlock Seeking New Home 8/8M
[H] Boomy 380 / Hunter 380 (Me and a Friend)
425 balance druid
[H] 380 Boomy or 378 DH or 370 Lock LF Raiding guild
[H] 380 Frost mage LFG 2/8M
371 Lock LF Raiding Home
378 Mage LF Guild
5/8 Mythic Frost Mage LF Guild
BM Hunter LF Raid Group!
(H) 382 BM Hunter LFG
[H] ilvl 380 Mage LF 2 day a week EST Guild
423 Shadow Priest Looking for Mythic
421 Shadow/423 Disc Priest LF Guild
7/9 mythic Healer LFG Horde side (EST)

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Righthandman#1158 365 Rdruid 364 Bdruid


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really good lock needs mage on Mythic raid team #hottydotty


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Added you. Join our discord :slight_smile: discord.gg/QcS9Jm9

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