T_T Why Alliance so mean?

So I played WoW for 18 years why is it most of the mean people you come across are Alliance? and does anyone else have this issue, I have seen so many alliance players be like ew horde , or go back to the horde and start cussing me off cause I main horde, when i’m playing an horde and someone says they normally main alliance , everyone is chill about it. Anyone else have this issue, i know my bestie tried to main alliance as well but said she was tired of the toxicity and went horde with me.


All of what you said happens on both sides. Confirmation Bias.


Some people are probably engaging in the friendly rivalry that the horde vs alliance was supposed to be and aren’t being actually serious, think like how people get all hyped about pokemon go teams. Others I do sometimes get the feeling they think the alliance vs the horde is like an actual political divide and if you’re on the wrong side, oh boy you’re the worst thing imaginable. Like you’d take more napkins than you need at a restaurant kind of evil.


I haven’t had that issue. Most of the alliance folks I find are really nice.


sometimes I feel like me and my friend just get unlucky if we play alliance, and we find all the mean elitists


Come play on Proudmore. We ally are a nice bunch.
… usually.


It’s not always the case, but:

I think it’s because a lot of alliance members have a heavy investment in RP and have had to form tight knit communities based on their race and class fantasies. So a lot of them just get really into the tribalism of the game.

Horde just always had more players so you get more of a variety there.

But there’s obviously plenty of sweet alliance players and a lot of people play both factions.

on our server there is this one guy in stormwind ,Sh*t you not he’s had the same toon there at level 4 for like 2 years now and he just trolls people all day amazed he has not been banned yet.

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I entirely believe that this has happened to you. I also promise that it is not all, or even mostly, Alliance players who do it.

If you mostly play Horde, and don’t tend to socialize with people who behave that way, then you may be less likely to be there to see it when Horde players do this to Alliance ones. It happens anyway, though – it happens just as often. It’s also the case that once one starts to believe a given thing is true (such as that Alliance players are more likely to be rude and exclusionary), one will notice the incidents that support that belief more than incidents that don’t. Like Sosari said, confirmation bias.


how does one kill that which has no life??


When i’m on my DK i use (AS A JOKE) the “Alliance Slayer” title and Horde Prestigious Pennant in cross faction groups and never got any banter

yeah i have had maxed level toons on both factions for a while i actually started on alliance but made more friends on the horde side, but i remember mentioning i had a horde toon in map chat once some guy spent 30 minutes cussing me out and telling me i wasn’t welcome as an alliance player and to keep my filthiness on the horde side.

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This is when the ignore feature comes in handy.

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i did end up ignoring him after 30 minutes , he made another toon to whisper me and then i reported him and blocked him again


I’ve had plenty of horrible interactions with Horde players. Some of the worst ones I’ve dealt with were on Horde. There’s crappy people in both factions unfortunately.


I refer again to my above statement…

Usually ally from like, proudmore, stormrage are pretty chill. I find a lot of toxic ally from quel though.

I thought horde quel was bad HOLY COW ally quel is worse.

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maybe its just based off servers then, because we never have issues, i can only say we had to deal with 1 sh*tty person in 2 years on the horde side in pvp talking smack, we lost count when we played alliance.

I think theres some confirmation bias here but also I think your point does have some merit. A lot of Alliance players are a little bitter that Horde has more players and they claim that Blizz favors Horde, whether true or not.

i actually play alliance a lot to but everytime i do i regret it last time i was doing dungeons and some guy was raging at some warlock cause of her low damage i remember him arguing with the woman’s husband who was also in the group, i remember i stopped healing the guy was was a jerk to them let him die then we voted to kick him. then the time before that i was in bgs a rogue was screaming that everyone sucked and that he was the only good player mind you i called him out on being stealthed and hiding on the other side of the map. I never was able to have fun while playing my alliance toon because of things like that.