Trying to get back into RP/think of an idea for a goblin shadow priest--help/opinions?

So I haven’t really RP’ed in several years, and this guy has mostly been on the shelf since Cata/early MOP. I’d like to give RP another go but am not entirely sure the direction to take a goblin shadow priest except for a few vague ideas-- but I could use some opinions and probably lore help on this, as well as some tips for how to get back into RP.

  1. My initial thought is this guy is a functioning addict that uses various concoctions (drugs) to tap into the void. Basically, harnessing the power of the void that could come through his purposeful “bad trips”. What he perceives as “clarity” through the void (aka madness probably :p) is more appealing than the actual drug(s) itself, because it’s much more powerful than any herb could ever be; essentially whatever he’s taking is a literal “gateway drug” to the void.

  2. What kind of potions or herbs would lore-wise fit this idea, if the idea is feasible at all?

  3. I’m considering a sort of chaotic neutral approach to this guy, as in he’s not full on mustache twirling evil-- but his morals would be pretty fast and loose in most regards.

  4. I’m not great with big events as a means to break into the RP community. Typically, either so much is going on I have a hard time keeping track, or the event seems to focus on one or two people while everyone is quietly listening. That’s OK once in a while, but I find it doesn’t actually give much opportunity for character interaction with others. I also struggle with walk-ups as casual “how’s the weather/what will you have to drink” situations.

Admittedly I prefer paragraph and plot-oriented RP over events or walk-up. It’s just the style I learned when I was younger and it’s what I’m comfortable with and enjoy. I guess what I’m asking is how would one find new RP contacts that are a little more character-focused than big events and casual walk-up?

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Welcome back to RP! I think your character sounds interesting. I’m not sure I’ve seen the exact angle you’re vying for so I think it should be a lot of fun to explore and roleplay, especially as a goblin (goblin priests exist?!).

As for herbs I would maybe wowhead some from past expansions and choose ones that might be your characters herb of choice. I think there’s not a lot of lore on many of them and I’m pretty sure somewhere there’s a player made herbalism guide that can help you. I’ll update this post if I can find it.

In regards to your last point I definitely get big event RP is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re looking more for contacts to set up pre established RP then I think posting here on the forums is a good start. I’m also working on bringing an in game community to Wyrmrest that could help once we’re up and running.

I also suggest checking out some Discords that pertain to things you’re interested in. Try this one: WrA Information & Directories

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I dig it! My Vulp has some odd stuff going on with the void but is a shaman, I’ve added it as a plot hook but haven’t done much with it yet. I like the idea of “tripping into the Void.”

While I’m a pretty casual WoW player, I could see some herbalism around void-touched plants, especially the kinds that have hallucinogenic effects - maybe something he accidentally stumbled upon that he now actively seeks out? I’ll phone a friend and see if they have ideas. Alchemy might need to be involved to make the right mixture.

If you’re looking for plot oriented, the guild I’m in does have a lot of that and they’re always looking for new character content, both in Discord or in WoW. I’ve found it’s a lot easier to schedule it out that way too.


Thanks all! I’ll look into some of those discords later tonight after my little one is zonked for the evening.

I’m just gonna chime in and say that I love the concept, I rather enjoy seeing goblins who aren’t basically just fantasy ferengi.

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Thanks! I was hoping to come up with a concept that seemed goblin-esque but without having to rely on moneymoneymoneybombsmoney as a motivation. Those things are fine and cool, but it wasn’t working for me as a muse to go that route.

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There are some herbs used to create “dream potions.”

The herb here is Purple Lotus. There is also the Nightmare Vine from Outland used to do something similar. Additionally, there are some herbs like Twilight Jasmine that grow in Old God corrupted areas in Cataclysm.

As far as I know, we don’t have information on any addictive properties of herbs aside from Bloodthistle/Mana Thistle. However, hallucinations can be potentially addictive for different reasons, so I don’t think you’d need to find any herbs that are explicitly said to be addictive.


I actually found a nifty guide here: x_ for anyone interested.