Trying to find this Breastplate

lately i am on a hunt for one certain breastplate.
Breastplate of the Highlord ( not the one with skirt ) from Nighthold.
The same shows up on the wardrobe, but do not tell how we can drop it, and it’s not removed from the game (gm info). So i’m here asking if anyone have any clue on this breastplate. ;-;

We’re approaching 2 years on this post alone, I’ve seen multiple topics on this with no answers or information. I too am hunting for this piece, and have been periodically for 2 years. You can see the piece nevermind, I can't include links despite a hyperlink button in the formatting tools without the robe. It can be previewed in the dressing room, shares a name with the Krosus drop, and inexplicably hasn’t been identified by GMs across multiple posts. Is there anyone who can help here?