Trying to find the schematic to craft 445 engin goggles

Hi all,

Wowhead says N’Zoth’s Cultists, I can’t find any in panda land right now while its under attack by N’zoth. Are they a real thing?? Or is it any mob while its under attack. Ive been farming for hours and no receipe.

I also think its pretty silly to be required to do the 20 shreds of insanity to make this when I can get a 445 helm from a daily quest. Anyway, I really want to make these so any help would be great. Thank you so much!!!

Keep farming it and will drop eventually for the 445 helm.
(but you still need to farm the splinters to create the void focus which lets you craft all these helms)

You need 20 shreds to make the 460 one and when you make the 445 (which requires the first quest, which you have to craft the original void focus) you will get automatically the 460 recipe. (And the 475 one once you craft that one.)

It’s possible you have it confused and simply need to craft your 445 and you will get your 460 recipe. (You do this inside the Silithus chamber, with your void focus nearby). Then you will need 20 Shreds for 460 and 200 for 475… :slight_smile:

Just also keep in mind you also need skill of 165 for 445, 170 for 460 and 175 for the helms. (To train them, you can get them before that.)

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Make sure to hit the N’zoth aligned humanoids. It doesn’t show up on the Faceless or K’thir (as far as I have been able to tell) nor on any Mantid, Hozen, Mogu, or Tol’vir.

I know for a fact that you can get the recipes earlier than 165. I went through engineering on another hunter and was able to get the recipes before even reaching 150 skill.

You can get the recipes before that however you can’t train them until then. Not debating that point :slight_smile: Will update my original response to be more clear for comprehension concerns…