Trying to do M+ again

I have some anxiety in groups, mostly anytime someone dies I feel like I failed as the healer. I know that’s crazy and many times it’s not on the healer but I still feel it. I was really excited for M+ when it came out, but some groups that were kinda toxic made me not wanna do it anymore. Since then i’ve been hesitant about trying.

Does anyone have any tips or good guides for the dungeons/routes? Just trying to get familiar with some mechanics and stuff. Or do I just jump in? My thought is I should start with doing +2-3 of most of them… then work up? Or should I just focus one dungeon to start and get really familiar?

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Just jump in. You can’t really go wrong with 2s and 3s. Learn the mechanics and the pressure points where your healing cooldowns need to be utilised for higher keys while grinding the crests you need.
The only time the 8-13 bracket is going to feel difficult is if you have a bad group so don’t get stressed if it goes wrong. Consider it good practice. As long as you’re doing what you are supposed to be doing, the 18+ bracket is going to be easier because a lot of players are more likely to know what they’re doing and you’re less likely to get blamed for other people’s mistakes.
As long as you understand the mechanics, you’ll know who’s really at fault.
Uldaman springs to mind. I’ve seen healers blamed for people dying to heavy arrow by the tank, when the only person responsible for that… is the tank.


The affixes this coming week don’t seem too bad. Is it worth MCing spiteful? Or just run?

run lower keys. people wont die there.

i rarely go above 16-17.

there’s a difficulty range for everyone in keys.

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While your rezzing them check details to see what killed them. If it was something avoidable it wasn’t your fault. And if it was your fault you’ve just learned you need a cooldown for that part of the fight.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Trust me if you play this game at any level there will be deaths that are your fault. Just use the experience, it is part of learning.

There will be negative interactions with other players. Don’t let this dissuade you either. Most interactions you have with other players are uneventful or even positive. Unfortunately, we just remember the bad ones.

Starting off at lower keys and working your way up as you learn is a good strategy. If you are enjoying it then you’ll be motivated to play more and do higher keys.

the hard affix this week doesn’t kick on til +14 anyway. nah don’t mc spiteful just run from them. you’re squishy tho so just keep a decent distance from the packs, when you get to 14s

honestly even +6/+7 are going to be insanely easy. don’t hard limit yourself to +2/+3, i’d say feel free to give up to a +7 a shot. i would just run my own key if i were you and see where you get it. i don’t see failure happening even if you don’t really know what you’re doing til at least +12. (obviously it can happen but i just have faith in you)

as a healer don’t worry about routes much just follow the leader. tanks shouldn’t really need to be healed just remember that, focus on yourself and the dps

Jumping in m+ as a healer in my opinion is the best way. As mentioned start with +2-3s then work your way up to +6s, not right away, just take your time to get there to start to feel comfortable in the healer role. The weekly affix kicks in at +7 and two affixes at +14 keys.

It’s not very often players chat ingame at lower keys. Sometimes I go into chat settings in the game and turn off party / whisper chat function.

Part of the issue in learning the m+ dungeons is that most mechanics go from inconsequential to one-shot-you important in just 1 or 2 key levels. There are good breakdown guides on YouTube for each of the current season’s dungeons, but the best teacher is experience.

Just like everybody has said, get in there! Record your gameplay if you can to see where you struggled and what you had available to make your life easier. When stuff hits the fan, its ok! This stuff happens, and all you can do is learn from it and go again. Just last night I bricked my groups 26 VP on first boss cause i missed our hunter with radiance, panicked, tried to get atonement on him but was already to late, deadge. Go again 25, this time second boss i jump to early, pretty much insta wipe there. Timed the 24 at least so theres that haha. I bring up those mistakes because they happen, and my group didn’t shun me out. They just said go again, and we did. All anyone really wants is for you to try, and when you come across rude/toxic people just add them to the ignore list and move on.


I use the “elitism” plugin for details. It just gives me a meter for avoidable damage, no spam. If I am giving everything to that hunter and he still dies, I immediately know he stood in something. If I’m blasting heals and no one is taking avoidable damage or minimal damage, I know it’s just a healer pressure point.

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Thank you all for the advice! Going to hop into some tonight :slight_smile:

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You can run anything up to 14 without a healer at all. Just join whatever low groups you can and dive in. Anyone who dies in these runs basically killed themselves anyway. And the timers are so lenient it really doesn’t matter if someone dies. People are just farming these for crests, they aren’t going to get upset about a couple of deaths.

lmao I’ve had 14s where I healed more than 100M.

The trick is to stop blaming yourself for people dying, sometimes it will be your fault but most of the time 95% of the time someone dies it’s because they ignored a mechanic. Healers can not out heal 1 shot mechanics.

Next thing to consider, healing gets easier the higher the key ( there is a limit though ) the higher the key the better the players will be. When you play with good players they make your job very easy because they are avoiding a lot of extra damage, obviously keys do start getting harder again once gear is no longer getting better but the key difficulty continues to rise, basically around 16-18+.

Lastly remind yourself that you are a healer, you pretty much get instant invites so if you mess up hard and the key falls apart just instantly join a different group and try again, nobody in that new group is going to know you just made a mistake that caused the key to fail. Practice makes perfect.

If you want Discipline Priest specific tips and tricks for mythic+ feel free to msg me in game Synnlawl-BleedingHollow alliance, I am a 3k disc priest who can help you out.

awful recommendation. this is a MMO. stop being afraid of people.