Trying to deal with the "Go back to retail" Players


Negative. Do you know what percent of people even cleared naxx? It’s not big, like 3% of the player base. 1.12 was the same timeframe naxx was.


Why wouldn’t you want a larger, more populated community of players enjoying the game? There’s more to do, more people to meet, more happening across the server in every zone.

Your view on this doesn’t make any sense, it sounds like you’ve played private for too long


Wvy are you bringing up difficulty, What has that got to do with the conversation?

Are you a troll? squints

And fyi, I’m not sure retail wpvp is harder than classic wpvp.

And what other challenge is there?


I think it’s pretty plain by now what Classic is and what the phases will bring. I don’t know why people keep going on with the “but how about if we change it in this way (tee hee hee)” unless it’s trolling. That is probably why people who do not want changes to the game react the way they do. Probably just a way of being dismissive toward people who are most likely just stirring the pot.


After a few years I am one who agrees with adding things to the game. Blizzard can call it even something else than Classic.

Now, don’t you see a difference in how new zones are not game breaking, but something like achievements are? “LFM raidX link achievX or no invite”.

That is the thing: QoL improvements can seem good at first, but may have a negative impact.


OP reported my post up top quoting his weak-minded hypocrisy and it was removed. LOL


some of the easiest content in retail is harder than the most difficult activities in classic tbh

This is especially true in pvp


Just becuase people dont agree with you, or tell you “go back to retail”, DOES NOT make them toxic. This just means they have a diffeent opinion than yours.

Perhaps the problem is you.


yeah, for someone who claims to want the freedom to express their own opinions, they seem to go out of their way to attack others and toss around the term toxic when someone expresses an opinion they don’t agree with.


Again, that’s on you, not on the people talking. You’re seeing something that’s simply not there. Believe it or not, people genuinely like talking about things and sometimes you’re not going to like the subject. That’s life.


Spent about three hours on Nost before figuring out what a crock it was. Just making an assumption about that says a lot about you though and what you’re actually doing here, though.


Some people think freedom of speech means that they are free to say anything they want but if anyone says anything back to them it is an outrage.


Okay well, I’m not. But right on.

(Aryxymaraki) #80

The forums are terrible, just as the WoW forums have always been.

The in-game and community discords are much better. If toxic people are the only reason you’re not interested in Classic, I’d advise you to give it a shot; yes, they exist, but I’ve had significantly more good experiences than bad ones. Of course, if you have other reasons, those can be valid too.

@OP, legitimate question; if you think Retail is better, why not play it instead? I think Classic is better than Retail, so I play Classic. I rarely even remember that my sub includes Retail in theory. You shouldn’t feel like you have to play Classic or there’s anything wrong if you don’t enjoy it; Classic is not for everyone and that’s fine, different people like different things.


Because of many different circumstances like the shedding of 20 people of rosters, new expansion looming, the need for specific gear and classes etc.

Naxx is not difficult mechanics wise, especially compared to modern raids


The reason you are being bombarded is that there are many of us who have seen the slippery slope of “I think X would be a good change” applied over the last 15 years making the game into a gigantic suck fest.

We have watched so many QOL changes be shoved down our throat to the point where the current iteration of the game barely resembles the original.

With the return of Classic people just want to enjoy it, bugs, inconveniences and all.

You need to understand that every single suggestion that you think would improve the game is:

  1. Not original
  2. Not innovative
  3. Not necessary

We’ve heard them all before and what’s worse, we’ve seen where they lead us.


“LFM raidX link achievX or no invite”.

This is already happening with ‘LFM AOE DPS ZERGING SM LFM MAGES OR NO INV’

What is the difference? There’s always going to be people who want to play at the highest level.


That’s just because the ranking system, so it seems harder to you.

Players make their own ranking systems in classic. It’s just as hard to get in the really good bg groups in classic as it is to get into the really good rbg groups in retail.


Bad analogy. Doctors are wrong all yhe time.


Good lord man, please dial the narcissism down a notch…

Sorry dude, but if you share an unpopular opinion, there will be other people who will make up their own opinions that you should go back to retail. I’m not being mean, but it just sounds like a lot of people are disagreeing with you and it’s upsetting you.