Trying to deal with the "Go back to retail" Players


You may be SOL, then. Going to have a bad time if you keep playing Classic looking for changes.


Thing is, they don’t have a discussion, they just tell you to quit the game. That’s not an opinion, that’s just forcing someone out for having an opinion.


Nah, I have faith blizzard will listen to reason and make good changes to classic.

Classic is a much better system to make new content on.


go back to retail


What do you think the rest of us have been limited to this whole time?


If you’re willing to keep playing in the meantime, sounds like you’re plenty enjoying it as it is.


You are the same type of person who would say “you think you want it but you don’t”, and yet, here we are in classic where the servers have a 10,000 line que and people clearly want it.

Firstly, I said nothing about this, and you’re wrong btw. I’ve been wanting to play classic for awhile now, and have played on a few private servers running various expacs because I’m really not happy with the current game. Putting words in people’s mouths makes you look retarded.

Most #nochanges people aren’t against adding new raid content, long in the future after naxx, but they don’t want all the qol nonsense, just new raids.

New raids, new zones, QoL updates like achievements and accolades (ie loremaster, explorer, mount collection achievs) are by definition AGAINST #nochanges. You can’t be in both camps, stop pretending you care about the integrity of a 15 year old game. Everyone wants to see new content and a more modern experience with the systems (except the honor system), gameplay, and reward structures of vanilla.


Then you want a game that doesn’t exist… and most would argue that if you want those things than you really don’t want Classic deep down. The lack of group finder, respeccing actually meaning something, and even the raid difficulty is all part of what makes Classic classic.

And hey, if you don’t actually want Classic, that’s totally fine. No one is saying everyone needs to be head over heels in love with it. Play what you find fun… but when you start trying to get the game changed into what you specifically want, you have to expect backlash.

If you went to a Corvette owners club for instance and started rattling on about how much better the Mustang is. How it’s got a better interior, how the engine is more reliable, how it makes more HP, whatever it may be, and you want to have a discussion with all of them about how the vette should be changed to be more like the Mustang. Of bloody course you will get told to go find a Mustang club.


Retail has more well designed encounters, better maps, better inventory management, better graphics, better quests, better class balance…

It’s what classic does NOT have that makes it special to me.

No instant dungeon teleports, no heirlooms, no CRZ, and the overworld is dangerous. There is an RPG aspect to it too with the talent trees. And a community aspect since your server’s people are the only ones you see.

The fact that we have an Us vs Them mentality when we are literally playing the same sub is silly. Gentlemen and ladies, we can appreciate both games at the same time! Classic’s continued survival will rely on people from retail enjoying themselves so try to teach them what you like about the game and invite them in rather than spit on their shoes.


I am a different person. Your attempt to marginalize my existence as a human being is another example of toxic behavior that used on this forum all the time.

“They agree with the person I know is wrong, so they must be that person posting on alt account”.

Yeah, grow up.


he’s giving him crap because his opinions are those of a weak little man.

if ur bad, you’re opinions are going to be bad.

its like trying to argue your diagnosis with a doctor…youre just going to be bad and wrong.


Because there is no “discussion” to be had. Classic is a certain thing; trying to make it into something else is not a valid basis for any discussion.

Discussions are great where they’re warranted. Changing Classic is not a thing that bears discussing.


Do you really want a few thousand people playing on 3-5 servers in two years?

You should spend less time posting #nochanges on the forums and level your char


Telling someone to go back to retail isn’t an opinion, it’s actually refusing to hear any opinions. So your statement applies to the people saying this, not the OP.


“they dont have a discussion” - manchild with full ignore list



Resorting to personal slights is the mark of a true loser.


See, you literally can’t handle the fact that some people simply want to talk about the subject. That’s on you buddy, not on the people who want to talk about the subject. Same goes for everyone else who can’t accept that others like to talk about it.



Dual spec would be a great addition to the game and would be a nice gold sink for players. Not so sure about group finder, but tuning raids to be more difficult is also good


While classic isn’t exactly as I remembered it, I would prefer they try and keep it as Vanilla as possible. I don’t even own BFA, may later down the road to see the story as I did for Legion, but that’s it.

I enjoy the hardships in classic oddly, chatting with a guild I knew from 14 years ago once more. Sure, we’re older now, their babies are now teenagers, one even mocking their mother for playing a video game after she got on them for being on the phone too much.

But it’s fun, more social, I enjoy that quite a bit.


Except that’s not actually the intent. The intent is just to rustle people’s jimmies. You can pretend its about fostering discussion all you like but you’d be lying.