Trying to deal with the "Go back to retail" Players



You are of the opinion that “qol changes” make the game better. Other people are of the opinion that “qol changes” make the game worse.

You are the same type of person who would say “you think you want it but you don’t”, and yet, here we are in classic where the servers have a 10,000 line que and people clearly want it.

You just don’t understand any perspective but your own.

Most #nochanges people aren’t against adding new raid content, long in the future after naxx, but they don’t want all the qol nonsense, just new raids.

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“You are the exact type of person that I was talking about.”

People who don’t agree with you?

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You can only have a strong community by having the right kind of people working toward the same things. You have people who want to stir up the pot and weaken the community by trying to add unwarranted suggestion.

Look at Battlestar galatica. The entire trip would have been 100% smoother had they just kill that politican guy Zarek(?). Unrest would not have been stirred and things would have been drama free.


I have always been rather confused by the people who say I was just trying to communicate with others. Then when I tried I had people disagree with me in a manner I did not like. I don’t understand them I am an adult why can’t everyone get along.

The same people who say get along with everyone, say the same hypocritical crap, get along with everyone as long as we all agree on the same point. The second someone disagrees they are being toxic.

Maybe go find a safe place, because Classic isn’t it.


Competition can be found in any activity really.

And no one is forcing you to be good at the game.


No one is saying that tho… they are just saying if you want X feature or Y quality of life upgrade, then you should go play retail. If you want to play classic no one is telling you not to. But dude… you gotta expect to be ridiculed when you ask for Classic to be changed into more like retail.


You told him it’s not OK for him to have an opinion, because his opinion is different from yours. That’s toxic behavior in a nutshell.


IDK what you don’t “get”.

Pre launch. “I love Classic! It’s perfect! #nochanges!”

Post Launch "Blizzard please fix. Blizzard please change. Blizzard please add “this feature”.


As far as complimenting retail. Nothing wrong with it. ie. I like AOE looting. Doesn’t mean single corpse looting in classic is unplayable so I don’t think “well then go back to retail and AOE loot!” is warranted.

There is a “good game” somewhere if you merge “best of” Classic and “best of” Retail.

But that’s a different thing, forum and topic.

You can NOT ask for Classic to change.


What if I like classic but want dual specs, pre made group finder and retuned raids to be more difficult?


Doctor doctor my arm hurts when I do this…well don’t do that.


What a load of hooplah. Seriously? Differences of opinion isnt “waaaah shutting me down,” its called communication. You give your opinion, others give theirs, thats called a discussion. Cant handle it? Don’t communicate ur opinion, clearly u dont have the spine to accept others (see the irony there?)


It’s not a matter of opinions… or the desire for changes or no changes.

Classic is a re-release of a game, it isn’t going to change… and the people who are solely responsible for it coming back are fine with that.

Posts that talk about change, are really troll posts. Nothing will ever come of the thread except give people who don’t want to be in game a reason to get on the forums.


Then too bad.

Also, later raids will be plenty hard.


Yes, but the point is competition is not what makes an MMO good. That is why several players of the biggest guild have normal jobs. Compare that to a top Dota or CS pro-player.

The total focus on difficult raiding while neglecting the world is what made people stop playing.


i did no such thing. I told him if he didn’t want to hear an opinion that wasn’t his own, then he shouldn’t ask for opinions in general chat on his ideas.

And then you guys attack me for saying that classic should be kept classic, which is my opinion. To me… you and the OP (probably the same guy) are the toxic players.


because they don’t agree with you? grow up.


Not unless they retune them.


Do you have any idea how much bullying and toxic crap the vanilla crowd has gone through to get this game back?! The wall of no, “you think you do, but you don’t”? We’ve been putting up with it for years.

Now that we finally have what we asked for, you want to take it away by changing it. How about all of you who want changes start petitioning Blizzard to make you your own version, assuming you can agree on anything, and leave ours alone?

It took us over 12 years to get this game back. Good luck


Disagree. He’s not giving him crap for having an opinion. He’s giving him crap for voicing it where its not wanted, considered or appreciated and where its being done just to stir the pot.


Sure, but it can be a factor in why people play.

I played retail for a long time based on commitment to friends and pushing warcraftlog rankings.