Trying to deal with the "Go back to retail" Players


I have been finding myself having to put more and more people on the ignore list, for this one very reason. If at any moment you say one of these phrases: “I think x would be a good change” “I like y about retail” or dare I say “I think retail is better”, than you will be bombarded by everyone to either go play retail, or the token phrase “welcome to classic”. As a community, while you may not want change, we shouldn’t try to get people to quit playing classic just because they have different opinions. This is bullying, this is telling someone they can’t enjoy what you enjoy, this is toxic.

If you want people to enjoy the game, if you want to have a strong community, than please, don’t put people off of the game just for having an opinion, Blizzard isn’t likely to change anything as is, people who like things about retail can still enjoy this game, and the idea that this game is perfect is false. Do not act like your opinion is superior to others, otherwise this game wont have nearly as many players as it currently does.

Even now I’m seeing people quit this game, whether they just wanted to try classic, or if they’re like me and can’t stand this oppressive community, people want to enjoy this game, and not be assaulted in chat for liking something different. I would assume most of us are adults, so please, act like one. This is no longer 2004, it’s 2019. You have physically grown, now mentally grow. Be accepting of others, not discouraging things outside the norm.


If you don’t want to hear opinions other than the one rattling around in your own head, then don’t ask in general chat how people would feel about it if x was added/changed.

If you like retail features, then play retail and leave Classic as is.


You are the exact type of person that I was talking about.


and you are the exact type of person that should keep playing retail.


But he has a point. If you’re sitting there saying “I wish this was this,” it was already changed. And you’re figuratively throwing a fishing line into the cesspool that is the WoW forums/General chat.


Why should I be limited to retail just because you are toxic, it doesn’t make sense. I feel as people shouldn’t have such hate for differing opinions. I’m fine with differing opinions of course, but it seems like a lot of people don’t want others to even have opinions.


The ENTIRE POINT of classic is #nochanges because no one can agree on a defined point at which changes to classic are one too many to make it no longer classic, so it was agreed on we should just not change it as the only safe way to go about it.

People like you don’t understand that, and you will always want one more change, one more change, one more little change… and then it’s no longer classic. Then it’s BFA.

So, we tell you if you don’t like it, don’t play it because the entire point of classic is #nochanges.


I’m not surprised you’re getting flamed in chat. These retail wishlists are bad enough on the forums and now you’re putting them in the game itself?


Most people that say that don’t realize just how much more difficult a game retail is.

Classic is a fun casual experience, but retail is where the competition is.


Picture these:

You go into a church and keep saying how it’s better to be an atheist.
You go to a football match and keep saying basketball is much better.

That is exactly what you are doing.

This isn’t a game to be changed, to be balanced… This was discussed to death already. Read 2 years of forum history.


Lets say people were accepting of your positions or others positions.

Nothing would happen.

When people complain about features that are relative to Classic its like complaining that you have to shift gears when you bought a manual transmission.


Because we don’t want people like you in our server. Begone to retail.


You can play whatever version of the game you want. But Classic isn’t going to change, and you should be aware that suggesting changes is going to result in counters from people in-game. Goes both ways. If you say that you prefer a different game than the one you’re playing, why should it be surprising that people suggest you play that game?


Nobody anywhere hates you for having a different opinion. But not every opinion needs to be expressed.

WoW Classic exists because people asked for WoW in the Vanilla state. Your opinion that it should be made into something else is why you’re being told to go play Retail. Retail is the version of the game that is constantly being made into something else. Classic is not.


#nochanges is a dumb way of thinking tbh

If you don’t change the game or add new content then it’ll die. Classic+ with QoL upgrades is the best way to handle this game


The responses to this thread are the exact reason why I refuse to play classic.


Except that it won’t. So long as even a few thousand people are here playing it, its still alive and well.


Good. You sound like a weak child.


That’s 100% true and totally OK.

Shouting down, berating, and bullying anyone who so much as shares a thought or opinion is not OK. There are so many people here who really are the definition of toxic and who need to grow up. Boohoo, someone said words.


That’s it! Now 2 really important things to add:

  • MMOs are not where real competition is.
  • F*ck competition.