Trust Level by Account

I was asked to post here as it was suggested to me by a MVP poster that the ‘trust level experience’ appears to be by character vs. by account and that is potentially a bug :slight_smile:

based on multiple other things that are character-specific and not account-wide on the forum, I doubt this is a bug (wish it was). All suggestions should go to General Discussion - did you post there originally?

Please see the discussion as well as the suggestion from the MVP to do so:


When it comes to the issue of TLs being character specific instead of account wide, the Website Bug Report is the correct forum. (Bliz asked me to send those reports here, so due to that, it has me believing that they are interested in the issue, thus perhaps investigating it.)

Conversely, if a post is about suggestions, then General Discussion is the proper forum. That’s where the web team is watching for feedback.