True or False:

Auspicious Spirits is outperforming Shadow Crash in M+ and raids.

For M+ it depends on the key level, and if tyrannical or fort.

For raids, on most fights yes, true - except for fatescribe.

Historically speaking, I’m in the 12-14 range. I will play whatever is most beneficial to the group, however I would like to get rid of a keybind if possible and I much prefer the aesthetics of the apparitions to the big goofy diamond lobbed in the air.

I’ll get aotc eventually, but keys are my focus for the next 6 weeks or so.

Does this info help?

in that range especially fort weeks SA is great!

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Angelo just did a vid today with a run down of talents for the new raid and i think he said AS over crash, but i was gyming so not totally paying attn. Maybe have a look for his vid on youtube

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AS beats crash on every boss this tier. Chains on sylv look too spread out to properly aoe with crash.

I’d play crash in basically every key I do at this point. Maybe not ToP, but if you aren’t pulling big on fort weeks I can see AS being decent.

Is there a significant difference or is the difference really only noticeable by a min/maxwer?

I’m timing 10-12’s and completing 13-14’s

I mean… If you’re just looking to have 1 less button for ease of gameplay it should be fine, but it is noticeably worse if tanks are ever pulling big.

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