TRP3 Questions for Roleplay: How to set up right?

I was wanting to set up my TRP3 addon to role play more / better. Does anyone have any suggestions, a good updated video or anything to get it set up properly? I’d like to RP some time and it seems most people think I’m trolling without the addon despite me being sincere. So I was told to get this addon to “fit in” and for people to see I am genuine in my RP attempts. Thank you for your time and help.

People who say that you need an addon to “fit in” are nothing more than trolling gatekeepers and are suggestive of a crowd to avoid.


I don’t know all the formalities since I’m just returning after a hiatus. It is a totally different world than what I remember. I’m just trying to sort it all out.

The add-on shouldn’t be used as a roadblock but as an enhancer. I am sorry people didn’t take you seriously. However, it has been pretty standard practice for years that non-rpers don’t use it, and it was just kind of an easy way not to waste time. But if someone genuinely walked up to me and started RPing, I would RP with them back.

The easiest way is to just fill out the first page of characteristics, put WIP in the About, and then slowly add over time.


This is true, it is a toxic mentality that you Have To have an RP addon to Roleplay. While they make the experience 1000% easier and way more imursive, they are by no means a requirement and I have to second what Drahliana states above.

There are hundreds of things you can express about your character with an RP addon that the in-game client cannot. It also helps other RPers recognize you at a glance. YOu’ll also be able to recongnize them in turn and won’t have to be trolled by non-RPers who are in the game for the gains and not the RP.


One thing that hasn’t changed is that there are gatekeeping elitist cliquist jerks. And you’ll have to winnow the chaff.

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I was basically ignored and they turned walking off. I was like “do I smell that bad in game? I just got out of the lake and only had spilled 1 ale on myself.” (thought that didn’t put it in /s). I was just kind of disheartened honestly and logged off the game. I was like man what happened to my RP realms I loved. It seems so dead now. :c

Well I knew these people were role playing since it was the mage quarters in SW. That’s where it’s always been since I can remember (well after Deathwing decided to stop by and remodel the place). So that’s where I went. shrug

Yeah there always have been the “super serious” types around wanting to keep people out that don’t follow “their rules”. Guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

  • walks into the inn and throws a pile of fish on the counter * did u ever play d&d or make-believe?

I’ve done D&D most of my life actually. It’s a great fun time if you can find fun people to play with. I enjoy DM’ing and making new worlds and stories for players.

Looks at the fish on the inn table “I hope that isn’t for fish ale…”

Oh that breaks my heart. Sorry that was your return experience. :frowning:

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Could always be worse I suppose. I am still trying to find a group to RP with / guild / realm. I’ll keep doing my best to try and find something nice. We shall see how it goes.

One of the best ways to figure out what you want to put in there is lurk a bit in a walk-up location and see what other people put in theirs.

For me, I generally look for:

  • Is general at-a-glance info filled out (both height and the like in addition to the ‘at a glance’ tab that lets you set traits and stuff people can quickly mouse over)
  • Is something written in the About tab. Ive been ppl put their entire character backstory in here and it’s just…yeah I don’t bother reading that, but a few sentences will do, imo.

There are also RP Discord servers for each RP realm, with more specific ones scattered about. Can also have some good luck asking around for RP in there.

Good luck!

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How do I find these? <…>

tinyurlDOTcom/wowsoa is the Disc for ED. It’s not like other servers because it’s Emerald Dream which started out as an RP PvP realm.

Also regarding TRP3, it’s an excellent tool for RP. It lets you search and find other RP’ers, which is awesome. You can put other RP things like it, even change your name to other RP’ers that use TRP3 too as well. It will let you put your characters backstory in it as well as put in multiple small items as descriptions that people would see upon clicking on your character.

If you are going to use TRP3 use the extended version addons. It lets you do even more. You can use it for D20 battles. At the risk of sounding egotistical or arrogant, I’ve never seen a D20 system that was as good as the one Saurohir in our guild came up with. It’s literally like playing D&D inside of WoW while utilizing what comes with the extended version. I have done my fair share of business in the table top role playing game industry so I’ve seen alot.

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Best bet is to start at the forums for the realm you’re on. You can branch out to other rp realm forums as well, but that’s where I’ve found the things that I participate in usually.

What’s the precise name of those? I’ll try to find them and figure out how they work…hopefully.

Total RP 3: Extended You’ll still need the base version of TRP3. Extended just has a few more features.

Hold my beer dude! Oh wait, bad RP! Hold’eth my beer’eth dude’eth!


TRP3 Extended

Huzzah! (eth)


What in the Smelting pit was that? I hope ye were nae tryin’ ta speak dwarf there lad. Cause that was atrocious.

“Ah this poin’ in time I can’ even no more. Wha’ even is a duddeeth? Is tha’ some new form o’ monster o’ sorts?” Drinks more ale and looks off into the forge distantly as if in trauma.

Silly question but when looking at the addon it talks about “item creation”, “bag stacking”, and other things…that doesn’t “break TOS” or anything for Blizzard? Or is it like a “false” creation that only is seen in the addon and doesn’t actually “create” things that you really have? Sorry I’m not used to the TRP3 Ext or what it does at all.