TRP issue when adding images to Template 1

Do you guys possibly know how to add an image into TRP template 1 without having the text get shoved several pixels below the image? I’ll choose an image from the Image section, and then any text I add below the image gets placed five or six paragraphs down, leaving a massive gap.

It’s driving me a little nuts and I can’t find much info online. I’d post a screenshot, but the forum doesn’t allow me to include links despite having the option to insert a link. Lol.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

I think it depends on what picture you use. I’ve had that problem, but only with certain images. Like the petbattle ones always fit perfectly, but some of the pictures from legion leave huge spaces.

Or have you already tried other pictures?

If it’s all pictures, I’d leave this comment on their curseforge troubleshooting page. They’re pretty good at responding and the addon’s dev can probably help you sort it out. And if there is a bug, it’s good that they know.

Regarding the images in TRP, if you look at the total size posted in the code IE 512x256, the image itself will not always be the same size - meaning there is a portion of the image that is transparent and cannot be seen, forcing text lower. Try adjusting the size of the image to maybe get your text a bit more in line with what you’re looking for.