Triune Hotfix

I understand that a lot of people were unhappy facing off against mages that used the triune legendary in arena. Since the nerf, the legendary seems like it would be a bad choice but at the very least it offers some buff cover for alter time/ice form/hots. My first game after the hotfix caught me off guard. I hadn’t known about the hotfix yet, got charged/stormbolted by a warrior and died in that first stun, even with my barriers up prior. I’ve considered what to use in it’s place but my biggest issue is the amount of damage I take from melee cleaves. Even with getting all versatility gems/enchants and picking soulbinds to my make my character more durable, I’m still feeling incredibly vulnerable. As of now all three shields can be destroyed instantly by a damage ability rather than dispels. Obviously damage in all of shadowlands is incredibly high but I’m fearful of even casting my main damage spell because I could get kicked in frost and die.

I do think that mages have a great toolkit of defensives like alter time and ice block, but my health spikes so frequently that I’m unable to even react to these oncoming attacks sometimes.


It goes back to the old mentality of casters being slippery and hard-hitting, but fragile.

Currently, melee have way too many ways to lock down any caster, and not just a mage.

Personally, legendary items, while cool in concept, are seldom executed properly in PvP. Best to leave them as is for bgs, world PvP, and disable them in rated play.