Triliam <Oblivion> COD Scammer

A trade of in-game goods and/or services was agreed upon using in game chat, and the other player refused to honor the deal. The other player is Triliam from the guild, a level 60 Human Paladin. The agreement was for me to sell Triliam a Whitesoul Helm for 35g. Triliam asked me to COD the item to him, which I did. Instead of accepting the COD, Triliam left the Whitesoul Helm sitting in his mailbox. I just recently received the rejected COD in my mailbox, and tried contacting Triliam, but he is ignoring me.

What did you lose in this besides the ability to sell the item to someone else for the time the item sat in the mail system? Postage coin? I am genuinely curious as to the negative affects of this behavior, not making commentary.

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