<Treachery> late night guild recruiting for Mythic raiding

I just applied for my Mage!


Nice, I will take a look and send you a friend request to chat some more

Sounds good. Discord is the best platform to reach me during work hours (now).

discord was not having it so i sent you a bnet request

I just sent you a friend request on discord in the meantime.

Looking for xtra thicc ranged dps

im lookin for a guild atm 461 dk im playing as tank if theres a spot for one if not I get it mostly just searching atm…

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Dendriahz is my main toon on stormrage this is a alt I ws playing at 1 point in time lol

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Hey Dendriah, feel free to reach out to one of the officers in the first post through discord or battle net and they will get back to you :slight_smile:

Please send me a friend request using the info above so that we can have a chat

Looking for more dps pref ranged.

need a tank and dps lets goooooooo

always looking for more DPS, would prefer ranged but any dps interested should apply

Some dps would be nice! OS tank is a plus!

still recruiting like minded raiders, dps with tank/heal OS

Still recruiting solid dps with heal or tank offspec

Looking for sweet dps

Looking for all DPS ranged or melee

Still looking for more dps

looking for more dps players, we are also looking for flex players