<Treachery> [A] | LFM Semi-Casual Raiding

< Treachery > | US - Heartseeker [A] | Semi-Casual Raiding

Raid Times
Tuesday / Wednesday 9PM EST to 12 AM EST (At the latest)

Loot System

Our plans for loot will be a semi-casual take on a Loot council system. Various factors like previous loot, attendance, major vs minor upgrades, and set bonuses will determine who gets to roll on an item. We will make sure everyone gets their BIS in time while making sure distribution is fair.

Who We Are

We are < Treachery >

Over many years of playing WoW, and other games, we are a bonded group of comrades who have forged a close friendship. As our guild ebbs and flows with the tides of WoW our group changes along with it. We are incredibly excited for TBC, as many of us have played classic, we hope this will revitalize old members to rejoin us in the fight against the Burning Crusade. As always our guild will be casual, but still clear all current raids, help members level up and grind dungeons together. One common thread; to move through content, drop some bosses, get some loot, have a lot of fun and play games together.

What’s the best way to show you love someone? Troll them of course. Treachery has an impressive standard for memeing and unfiltered jokes, because of this we require our members to be 18+.

Who You Are

You are looking to play in a semi-casual raid team through TBC. You are most comfortable playing without high demands in a relaxed yet successful environment. You understand that you will be expected to come prepared with knowledge of your class and a willingness to learn encounters and improve at executing their mechanics.You understand that spots in this team are competitive and your spot is not permanent upon acceptance. You can maintain somewhat consistent raid attendance Tues/Wed 9PM - 12AM EST raid schedule. You will ideally be able to level and attune your main character within 3 weeks after TBC launch.

And, most important of all, you have a dark sense of humor. Bonus if you like to gamble.

We are recruiting a few more players to round out our raid team.

Current Needs
Shaman - High
Mage - High
Warlock - High
Hunter - High
Rogue - Medium
S. Priest - Medium
Warrior - Low
Druid - Low
Paladin - Medium/Low

Skilled players of any spec will be considered.

If you are interested in joining us, please reach out to Taurr#1561 on Battlenet or Eramyr, Hagsbane on Heartseeker Alliance.

Thanks for your consideration!

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