Treacherous Covenant

(Varrow) #1

So I was looking through Bloodmallet today. I think they added the new traits recently? Not sure, but anyway I see this Treacherous Covenant thing at the top of like every dps spec, and more so on the hectic add cleave. It also appears to stack very effectively.

I’m wondering if this will get nerfed? Didn’t Blizzard say they don’t want generic traits to be the best so that you are choosing the interesting spec traits instead? Little confused here, and not very excited to stack a passive stat bonus that does absolutely nothing else at all for the spec I’m playing.

(Hpellipsis) #2

Implementation is broken. It’s just a flat int buff akin to archive, and will be valued as such.

(Surge) #3

Yeah, every time you drop below 50% HP.

(Varrow) #4

You don’t drop below 50% hp that often, and when you do it’s rarely for more than a few seconds before you are healed up. I’m not sure that really matters much in the end.

Since there is no ramping component to the trait, you just instantly get the full buff back.

(Hpellipsis) #5

As I said. Implementation of the trait in SimC, for bloodmallet, is currently broken.


Keep in mind that while the positive trait does appear to stack, I would assume the negative of the trait stacks as well. If you run three of those and hit 20% health, you are very dead (45% increased damage taken sucks, just saying) so it’s pretty risky. And trust me, on moderate-to-high-end progression fights, that matters a lot. I would say do your healers a favor and don’t take it if there’s any other viable choice on your gear. That being said, Icy Veins and updated versions of Bloodmallet seem to be confirming that the trait is very good dps-wise, assuming you don’t fall below 50% health.

(Hpellipsis) #7

The negative section of the trait does not stack. Also the aura is applied after you reach 20%, so abilities that bring you to 20% or below aren’t affected by it.

(Fovos) #8

is this trait restricted to certain item level gear? i have yet to get it on any of my drops.

(Reese) #9

Its only on raid gear.

(Fovos) #10

thank you. so im just unlucky with my raid drops… such is life.

(Kabbie) #11

If you’re healed up. If there’s unavoidable raid damage flying around, aka Stormwall Blockade, Pa’ku phases of the Conclave, spark bots and Mekkatorque, it’s going to be a bit wooly. If you pug a lot, you’ll want to have a backup suit of armor, just in case.

Oh, and the reason it parses so high on Bloodmallet is that it incorrectly assumes that you can maintain a 100% uptime. Knock it down to a more realistic 80-90%, and the numbers are more grounded. Thus, the lower the uptime, the less and less effective (and more detrimental) it becomes. As a MM, I’ve got alternatives that parse higher or just as high as TC that’re effective no matter how much HP I have, so I tend to avoid taking the trait. I’m not sure how it goes for other specs, though…


A realistic uptime on treacherous covenant is around 95% on most fights. Even on mythic conclave, my raid had an average uptime around 92%. That said, it’s probably terrible on p3 Jaina

(Kabbie) #13

Well, I’m also a bit of a pessimist.