"Trashmaster" title with S4 back


Today I got 2 Trashmaster’s Mantle (Mechagon) and tried to redeem the title (Trashmaster) with Jani in Dazar’alor. The quest (I Am the Trashmaster) still works with new m+ item but the reward back item (Richly Appointed Drape) you get is still item level 85.

I know the quest informs about loosing the item in exchange for the back (and you can even see what are you getting in exchange in the quest window) but I wanted to report it anyway in case you want to take account in this with a scalating quest reward or something.

P.S: I dont want any item restoration, I did the exchange on purpose because the back is Unique and I was not able to get my 2nd from mail/m+ cache for that reason.

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Same thing happened to me. I was aware of the possibility of the item not scaling, but I wanted to get the title. Did the exchange, got an 85ilvl cape back rather than the equivalent in ilvl.

Happened to me today. I was not aware it would not scale :frowning:
Somehow this needs to be fixed I think…

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