Transmog disappeared

So I bought the new transmog set. I had it on for 2 days and it was pretty cool. Today I got DCd, came back online and the transmog set was gone! Gone from the appearances tab too. I guess it’s the bug that people are talking about. Is it possible to get my money back?

They already addressed it

They already said they can’t seem to reproduce the bug as many claim

Wait or demand a refund with customer service

The transmog has yet to disappear from me

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Thanks! I guess I’ll wait for a few days then.

They said you can also search the transmog set individually by typing the name for each slot as well

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I have the same problem with the new Transmog set. Poof gone just like money lol
I guess they will fix it sooner or later

i noticed that with the murloc thing. i had to type its name in for it to pop up in my list

This doesn’t work.

The post above yours says otherwise

Sorry, I have the problem in game right now and I just verified it does not work.


Yeah, don’t hold your breath.