Transmog advice

I’m using the Rylakstalker’s Battlegear. The mythic version. Personally, I really like that set. However, I’m not sure what Bow to use. Currently, I’m using the Goldstring Recurve. It has a redish tint. It looks ok, but something doesn’t look quite right. I’ve looked at Wowhead and I don’t think there suggested weapon transmogs for the set looks right either. Any suggestions?

I looked around a bit, and I saw a variety of weapons that I think look rather nice with that set. I added them each to the dressing room for easy viewing. :slight_smile:

High-Strung Bow

Gar’an’s Brutal Spearlauncher

Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth

Black Iron Sniper Rifle

Brunnhildar Bow


This gun was on one of the screenshots of the set on wowhead and I think the metals match extremely well. I know it is not a bow.

Sick suggestions