Transfers to Grobbulus?

That I need more friends!

We’re full. :frowning:

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Ya it is a full and active server but the raiding environment is very very stagnant.

With a static population only maintained by alts, recruitment has become a nightmare for any mid-sized raiding guilds i’ve been with as more and more people clear ulduar and then “take a break” until the next tier.

More and more people turning to GDKPs as an alternate to raiding since their guilds have trouble maintaining a full roster.

I don’t think they should just wide open xfers but they should probably look at something.

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Nerfing Ulduar will get more people raiding.

Did they say transfers were open, or did you assume that’s what they meant when they said it isn’t locked?

Grob is still very much locked to transfers, however it is unlocked to character creation.
Considering Grob is one of the like 5 biggest servers going, my guess is, it’ll be one of the last servers to be unlocked for transfers. Servers have already been locked for going on 6 months, so in truth, I DON’T see these servers being unlocked at this point.

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No, they didn’t!

Grobb will likely never open

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Hopefully never, we are full.


Never open! People keep confusing this place with a pvp server. It’s not. It’s an RP-PvP. RP’ers asked for this server. This is meant for RP’ers. Not people’s last choice for a “balanced” server. This was the first choice for RP’s that also wanted to PvP.

And I don’t feel sorry for any of the raiding guilds that has issues retaining people. Sucks. You should focus on gearing under geared people and not requiring them to be Uld ready/not requiring purple or pink parses. Not going full meta on comps.


RPers :skull: :skull: just stop bro

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i talked to a gm about this. as my account was created on grob during name reservations in 2019, i still have characters on grobb and was forced off so i could play the game i pay for, over to eranikus. all my friends are on grobb still and i miss them a lot. i thought we could go back after 90 days, as was stated pre transfer by blizz: as long as you have characters on grob, you can create new ones.

i waited the 90 days and transfers are still closed. i put in a ticket regarding the situation, as allowing xfer over to grob does not create more connections on the server, since i already play there. however, the dev told me that it is a ‘dev imposed condition’ that is preventing allowing my characters on eranikus from being moved over to grob where most of my characters reside.

maybe this clears it up for someone else. idk. made me super sad but there it is

It’s already nerfed.

These ilvl buffs were huge.

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If people spent 30 minutes on YouTube they would stop talking about nerfs

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Blizzard really did you guys dirty in general. Even on Bloodsail the amount of non RP names you see is insane.

The problem with reopening transfers to Grobb, which I support under the right conditions, is that now the servers are again so imbalanced we don’t have any good options. Since Grobb is still locked and I don’t imagine they reopen any time soon, Skyfury players will filter into the respective single faction unlocked megaserver. So, while I think we eventually should accept transfers, there unfortunately will probably not be any remaining balanced option that we could absorb.

Blizzard’s mismanagement of Sulfuras and to a lesser extent Eranikus has resulted in Alliance flocking to now megaserver Pagle, while the Horde population on those servers are now just sitting there waiting to die out, just like they did in TBC. Pagle and its horde equivalent Whitemane should have been locked with Bene/Faer/Grobb, because now they’re just cannibalizing all the small servers because they’re unlocked megaservers.

I’ve said before that Skyfury would be a good addition to Grobb, as it would be a small increase in our population with a good faction ratio (slightly more alliance than horde which would bring us back to near perfect balance). Additionally, I think culturally Skyfury players are more simpatico with Grobb players than say Mankrik or Benediction players, but that’s just my limited experience.

The Grobb people who don’t ever want transfers are big dumb dumbs imo, and it’s ironic because many of them are transfers themselves. We’re gonna need fresh blood for Cata and beyond.

Why are they dumb dumbs exactly?

Thanks for all of the replies everyone! I already have characters on Grobb, I was just trying to transfer others over as well.

I saw some people in general chat talking about server transfers being open but they could have had the wrong idea or were just messing around.

This was definitely without a source, so I was just making a thread to see if there was any information about it. Thanks again!

Because you need new people to replace those that inevitably quit? We’ve already lost 1/3rd of the population since Wrath launched. Are we just gonna stay locked forever while other servers suck up the rest of the player base? Horde side drastically improved when we got the big wave of transfers in TBC.

What we have now is perfect, full server but no queues.


The server is fine now but I think I’m pretty sure that Wrath launch is gonna go down as the population apex of classic wow. That kind of activity and the resulting queues are not coming back imo, so that leaves us with a situation where Grobb’s factions are 1/2 to 1/3rd the size of competitor servers (Bene/Faer/Pagle/Whitemane).