Transferring here from Faerlina... Ally side pretty good?

I realize this is a near 100% ally server, and it doesn’t bother me. I’d prefer a PvE server. But, is the ally side pretty good/busy with dungeons, raiding, and a good economy?

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Same question here…

The alliance side is populated and theres dozens of groups looking in LFG 24/7. Economy seems great as well, nothing hugely out of the ordinary. Fusion is our biggest guild.

It’s a smaller server but a good/active one on Ally Side. There are a few “larger” OG guilds still around and some new up and coming ones. Horde seem to be growing slowly…

Don’t listen to anything these guys said. This server is dead and it takes forever to find a group vs a more populated server. Obviously, but yeah, it’s currently Friday night and impossible to find a group for a 68+ dungeon, unless you’re running guild runs.

I realize I’m just hurting our population by saying this but yeah, it’s pretty crappy here. I plan on dipping out soon.