Transfering a character

I have a character Id like to transfer from Alexstrasza(medium) to Stormrage(full), can anyone tell me how to go bout moving her and what i need to do to move her. She is guild leader and has a bunch of stuff on her and in her bank. What happens to the guild and all her stuff?

You can do a guild transfer. I believe it is in the Blizzard shop. There is a FAQ about what it does.

Here is the guild transfer support article

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Thank you for the help. So I am able to transfer my character and her guild to another server at the same time, did I read that correctly??

Correctomundo broski :slight_smile:

I would like to say though that Blizz is doing server merges and your server may end up getting merged to another, certainly not Stormrage since that’s a high pop realm but just something I thought I’d mention.

All the stuff and gold transfers

Gold now transfers? I didn’t know that. Didn’t used to be that way, iirc.

For guilds? Pretty certain it has always been that way, that was the joy of guild transfers lol.

Character transfers have had caps, think it’s 1m gold right now for 110+ characters, but the cap for a guild has always been whatever the current gold cap was so you could transfer a lower level character with gold cap if you transferred a guild. I think it’s $40 for a guild transfer though so there’s a higher cost involved. If you don’t have a lot of gold or mats I’d say /gdisband and just remake your guild on the new realm.

Thank you all for replied to this, you’ve been a big help!!!

I was lookin into the service stuff they provide, after I was told you can transfer your guild as well… its 35 dollars to transfer guild and guild leader to new realm. The gold had better go with it cause I worked hard to collect what lil gold I got lol. I wanna keep my guild.

Honestly, unless you’re just dead set on going to Stormrage specifically, I’d wait to transfer. I read earlier the first round of server merges is expected Tuesday (Aug 4th) but I don’t recall the other servers listed aside from my own.

Edit: Found it Realm Connections -- August 4

I think you could always transfer gold but there has always been a cap on how much.