Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Great, thank you for the update.

Can we please be allowed to transfer characters if we already have a character on the realm?


So what about players that transferred off there to Sulfuras but now their guild would rather go to Eranikus they cannot join them there?


Just to be clear, i appreciate your efforts in doing something.

With that said, closing them off before queues start and disabling creation or xfers before they get massively overpopulated needed to be status quo to prevent this gigantic matzah ball.

But i appreciate something.

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Well, now you can pay to move to eranikus.

Benediction is still full, and people who have not transferred yet obviously will not. so what will be done to free up ques because this transfer stuff is not working.

This is incorrect. Eranikus can only be populated via free transfers from Benediction, Faerlina, or Grobbulus.


It would require 10000 people to go somewhere else still.

nice blizzard now i cannot join the server with my friends, a great experience, i was stuck in the queue without the option to change server on 30th september, nice blizzard THANKS A LOT

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And thats going to remain forever. Seems odd it will be the server you can never transfer too months later.

Not sure why all medium servers aren’t targets for transfers. Choose between a new realm or Sulfuras (which is already nearing capacity) :upside_down_face:

Dikko the Gnome does not approve.


I think they assume the med realm pops will explode on wotlk release.

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They would already be for prepatch. Like the other servers are.

Its a valve for the big 3

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LMFAO They are closing Sulfuras transfers when its sitting at a 72-28 Horde to Alliance ratio… Any Alliance who transferred just got absolutely hosed.


If thats the ratio right now then yea. They got baited. Its why its hard to trust free transfers to dying servers.

but it looks 53% to 46% at this time.

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they should change it when there is not traffic, too lazy for that, no, just close everything without warning, who care about players its not important they have enough money

Sure and this helps against a 16k and 8h queue…not…this is just a joke because you don’t get your servers under control

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Can you please link the post where Blizzard customer service explains why there are two hour + log in cues and apologizes to their sub base for any inconveniences? The ideal solution imho is not to have your customer base solve your problem by having them pick up and move. Your proposed solution’s optics make it appear that these cues are self inflicted by your customer base with no culpability by Blizzard? Where is Blizzards accountability in all of this? Again, I may have missed the post explaining these challenges. I would like a Blizzard representative reply to this post. Thank you in advance.

they are player made issues everyone goes to one server ofc there wil be pop issues lmao use yer brain

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Blizz can at anytime make a server not transferrable to.

they could have stopped the issue.