Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

When did you transfer? I transferred a toon of Sulfuras just last night and it was free. Did they shut it down this morning?

i want to character migration but for some random reason there is mail on my character, and i do not have the time to wait in this q to play let alone to clear mail, is there any solution to this or do i have to wait 9 hours to clear mail

I transferred Monday 9/26. Did I get charged and shouldn’t have?

You should contact CS. There were free transfers off both Sulfuras and Benediction to many destination realms. What realm did you both transfer to? I think its possible you transferred right before they opened up transfers off Sulfuras. I would put in a ticket and see if they will refund you.

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were almost in lol

At about 7:00 p.m. PDT (10:00 p.m. EDT) today, we intend to disable the Skyfury to Angerforge Free Character Transfer path. It will not be possible to initiate a transfer from Skyfury to Angerforge after that time.

Offer rewards for people who transfer off the big three. Go tap on Mr. Blizzard and tell them my dank fix.

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Is it possible for a GM to delete my mail in game? I’m trying to character transfer off Grob, but i have mail in my box, which is preventing my transfer, and I cant login because of the queue to delete it.

can you guys open up skyfury to new characters? We have no queue and i have friends that want to play.

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Dont you think it should be an option to erase mail on the app o web page without having to wait 7 hours to log in?

Nice. Queues and game is on fire and this is all you have to tell paying customers.

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You can’t fix stupid. Oh just transfer to one of these realms to avoid queues that we caused. Yes it’s free but if you have mail you’re SOL.

Stuff like this is what makes us wonder about blizzard and the devs. Talk to us, listen to our concerns, plenty of solutions we have come up with. For the love of God just fix this mess!

Can Sulfuras get an US East PVE realm selection?

Why not create servers to transfer to with the intent to merge them back with their parent server when populations are lower? It would ensure you don’t create destination servers that will die and would likely have have more people transfer.


Because they can’t charge you for that hahaha

I’m trying to transfer, but it’s buggy. It asks for an empty mailbox, but mine is already empty. I think the problem is because I started the battle for undercity quest and got stuck in the orgrimmar instance…

Kaivax can we get an answer about if skyfury will be unlocked this week? main issue is friends that got a bit late into wotlk are waiting to start :frowning:

People asking for this kind of thing is crazy. The server no longer has a queue now, but you’re willing to get the server opened up again so people will create characters there again and put another queue in place? I would suggest moving servers to one you all can enjoy where you don’t create the issue that literally caused the server to be locked to happen again. You’re not the first person in the thread to ask for it, there’s probably plenty who haven’t yet, but wish the same thing.

I am looking to transfer off of Sulfuras to a PvE server, but they’re all US West. Could we not open a US East PvE as well, please?

Why is there no RP-PvP transfer option for Grobbulus?