Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

I transferred off of Grobbulous since the server was full and the free transfer was offered. I got put onto Sulfuras and now I’m stuck in even longer queues. Why transfer people to a server and lock it if you’re just going to make more queues?

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YUP me too

I understand its unlikely I’ll get a response but is there a reason why there hasnt been an option for Benediction to transfer to an East coast PvE server?

The only East coast options have been PvP and most recently RP.

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I don’t have any East Coast PVE options to transfer to. What gives? Only option is RP realm?


lol RIP for not checking my mail last night…


We’ve opened Free Character Transfers from the Sulfuras realm to all of the current destination realms. The complete list is now:

Benediction Azuresong Normal
Benediction Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Benediction Earthfury PvP
Benediction Eranikus PvP
Benediction Myzrael Normal
Benediction Old Blanchy Normal
Grobbulus Azuresong Normal
Grobbulus Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Grobbulus Earthfury PvP
Grobbulus Eranikus PvP
Grobbulus Myzrael Normal
Grobbulus Old Blanchy Normal
Faerlina Azuresong Normal
Faerlina Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Faerlina Earthfury PvP
Faerlina Eranikus PvP
Faerlina Myzrael Normal
Faerlina Old Blanchy Normal
Mankrik Azuresong Normal
Mankrik Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Mankrik Earthfury PvP
Mankrik Eranikus PvP
Mankrik Myzrael Normal
Mankrik Old Blanchy Normal
Pagle Azuresong Normal
Pagle Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Pagle Earthfury PvP
Pagle Eranikus PvP
Pagle Myzrael Normal
Pagle Old Blanchy Normal
Skyfury Angerforge Fresh PvP
Sulfuras Azuresong Normal
Sulfuras Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Sulfuras Earthfury PvP
Sulfuras Eranikus PvP
Sulfuras Myzrael Normal
Sulfuras Old Blanchy Normal
Whitemane Azuresong Normal
Whitemane Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Whitemane Earthfury PvP
Whitemane Eranikus PvP
Whitemane Myzrael Normal
Whitemane Old Blanchy Normal

A live tracker of how many people xfering to these server would be nice so I know I am not xfering somewhere dead.


Will there be an East Coast PvE option? Looking at the population of servers located on the East Coast, its clear there is demand for it.

Only allowing people to transfer to West Coast servers outside of PvP can be difficult for guild recruitment and raid scheduling.

Its odd that there are now two Medium pop PvE servers to split the population, Old Blanchy on top of that is High but not yet full, so three potential PvE servers all on the West Coast.

Meanwhile on East coast the only PvE server that isnt “Full” is Maladath, and thats the Fresh server. One Medium PvP server, one High PvP server and one Medium RP server.


Rip. I’m stuck in an 8 hour queue on Grobulus and have mail apparently. Great server but this is insane for an east coast player to contend with lol


Well since this blue post it actually seems like Sulfuras que is speeding up a lot.

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Are we going to get an option to transfer off this server like we did with Faerlina without having to actually sit through the queue to get to the transfer screen?

I guess it would make too much sense to offer an RP-PVP server on the East coast for people to transfer to from an RP-PVP server. Instead you pushed us all to Sulfurus and now are offering transfers to other crap servers. If Sulfurus was brought back to life, Deviate Delight surely would have also.

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How do you transfer off Sulfuras? There is no option other than Change Realm.

I tried to transfer off benediction, ive been waiting an hour so far and the character has not moved.

How about fixing the server hardware that has it capped? This isn’t an issue in retail (this badly), This is ridiculous why would I leave my friends on my realm to another realm?

Can you remove the restriction on 72 hours for boosted characters? Trying to get off Sulfuras and can’t since my boosted character has to wait :confused: Now I can’t play on ANY realm


yeah the free move is great and all but does not help if can not play with friends once moved unless they get lucky to get on in time to move to same realm

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retail also is crossed realm for alot of them and can invite friends from different realms so people do not care what realm their on but classic we have to care

thats my concern too plus with friends not getting on in time to go to same realm before the free move is done

second this… pleaseee