Transfer Restrictions and Free Character Transfers Now Available -- Updated Nov. 22

Really want more clarification on how to play with our friends if they are all locked. Please communicate


Especially when raids open after 1 week

Just want to be able to transfer my guys to Grobb where I have existing characters. Same account…again why can I boost or create a new toon, but not transfer one? It makes no sense!

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The original blue comment on locking servers was that transfers weren’t working sufficiently to end queues and more people needed to move, so they took the “very heavy-handed” approach of locking the largest 4 servers (Bene/Grob/Faer/Skyfury). Sulfuras was reaching ‘close to full’ so they decided to end free transfers there. But apparently they went so far overboard with Sulfuras that not only did they end free transfers on 9/9, they fully locked the server and to avoid the same situation on Eranikus it was functionally locked as well. I say ‘apparently’ because there has been no further blue update other than a note about a bug.

So due to their own error or incompetence, Sulfuras now has to be locked. However, Sulfuras doesn’t have free transfers anywhere else to reduce the population which was the planned solution on the other locked realms, i.e. the server became overpopulated because of their mistake and now they are doing nothing to address that overpopulation.

If you did what Blizz wanted and transferred to Sulfuras reduce the queue problem, if any of your friends didn’t make it in time or want to join fresh that’s too bad, pay up and transfer again (if you’re even able with the time limit on transfers). If you were already on Sulfuras and have friends that want to come back for wrath that’s too bad, pay up and go to some other server. Seems like there’s a common denominator here.

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Day 5 after disappointing my uncle by not being able to transfer my warlock after promising him I would. We use to land in the Boney Burbs together and hold it down. I’ll be lucky if he’ll even get in the same discord as me let alone ever play Fortnite together again. I feel as if the guild is turning against me. Time will tell. Maybe Ion will one day open transfers again to Whitemane.

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Eranikus is now open for new character creation and transfers from other realms.

Please refer to this regularly-updated article for the status of all realms.


In order to help players prepare for overcrowding coming with the launch of Northrend content on Monday, we’ve enabled the following Free Character Transfers.

Benediction Azuresong Normal
Benediction Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Benediction Earthfury PvP
Benediction Eranikus PvP
Benediction Myzrael Normal
Benediction Old Blanchy Normal
Grobbulus Azuresong Normal
Grobbulus Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Grobbulus Earthfury PvP
Grobbulus Eranikus PvP
Grobbulus Myzrael Normal
Grobbulus Old Blanchy Normal
Faerlina Azuresong Normal
Faerlina Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Faerlina Earthfury PvP
Faerlina Eranikus PvP
Faerlina Myzrael Normal
Faerlina Old Blanchy Normal
Mankrik Azuresong Normal
Mankrik Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Mankrik Earthfury PvP
Mankrik Eranikus PvP
Mankrik Myzrael Normal
Mankrik Old Blanchy Normal
Pagle Azuresong Normal
Pagle Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Pagle Earthfury PvP
Pagle Eranikus PvP
Pagle Myzrael Normal
Pagle Old Blanchy Normal
Skyfury Angerforge Fresh PvP
Whitemane Azuresong Normal
Whitemane Bloodsail Buccaneers RP
Whitemane Earthfury PvP
Whitemane Eranikus PvP
Whitemane Myzrael Normal
Whitemane Old Blanchy Normal

While we intend to keep these Free Character Transfers open through the weekend and until the launch of Northrend content, we strongly encourage players who wish to use a Free Character Transfer to do so as soon as possible. Free Character Transfers may be closed without warning as we continue to evaluate the populations of realms.


Bloodsail is chill af, anyone lookin to escape queues or have a good time should join!


For the love of thrall please give Sulfuras an option to create new characters or to free transfer off.


Let me transfer my character off sulfuras to faerlina so i can play the damn game man

Or literally any other server. They are just outright ignoring Sulfuras at this point.


Why are you opening BB up to non RP realm transfers?


Whitemane is officially a PVE server. lol Thank you for the free transfers off Whitemane alliance!! PEACE OUT.


Thank you for opening free transfers to Earthfury.

Grobbulus to Bloodsail Buccaneers is also great to see for RPers who don’t care about the PVP.


That’s honestly awesome that the people on so many of these mostly one-sided servers finally have a way out without paying for it.


Why are you all allowing transfers to Bloodsail Buccaneers? Granted, we are more of an RP-lite server, but we have a small and lively community with a completely different culture than the mega servers. Please don’t ruin what is currently a gem of a server.


Hey! Just don’t ignore Sulfuras. Give us the option to free transfer off or create a new character at least


I really want to go to Bloodsail so bad and get the hell out of Faerlina but no way without RDF. :pensive: