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I am so fed up with this error. I’ve lost over 300 rating in arena/rbgs across my 4 toons with this bs. Everything updated it does it less frequent. 1 addon goes to needing an update for 15 seconds and it happens every que. I dont get it. Never had this problem pre-SL. I’ve done every bit of the “fixes” and nothing works. I am beginning to believe its not on my end and blizz just refuses to fix it.


So are you saying that add-ons are causing your disconnects? That was the case for me with an add-on I used in BfA. However, Blizzard doesn’t write their code to work with add-ons, it’s the other way around. So if you have add-ons constantly breaking your connection, I recommend removing them for the time being and finding alternatives that are coded for the current version of the game.

Its not a single addon. Any and all addons when they go 30 seconds out of needing updated it starts. Its bad coding on blizzes end entirely. More and more people are starting to get the same problem. I cant say for sure its the addons or just poor loading methods in this xpac. Never had that problem in previous xpacs ever. And i ran on incredibly trash internet.

Problems with add-ons are not something Blizzard is going to look into. They allow third-parties to write software that works on their gaming platform, but they have no hand in making sure anything is compatible. Blaming Blizzard for something they are not responsible for is not an effective way to improve your gaming experience.

While some add-ons like RaiderIO update daily, many are updated every few weeks (sometimes longer) by the add-on developers (again, not Blizzard). As long as the add-on was designed for 9.0 and beyond, you shouldn’t be constantly running into an issue in game like you’re describing.

You may want to do a full UI reset, and also reconsider some of your older add-ons as defunct and find newer replacements that are made to work with the current version of the game to resolve this.

This is the garbage i stated to spare me. Its not the addons at the root of it. Its stuff not loading when in a loading screen. If ANYTHING goes out of date for a split second. I’ve had windows updates go out of date and i alt tabbed back in to play a match before i reboot and it kicks me. Its something on blizzs end but they arent going to admit it cuz thats bad for the cashcow right?

Or, it could very well be something on your end and you just wont admit it because, you know, it can’t be your end. From what you posted, it could be something very simple on your end, such as don’t alt tab if you are queued for anything.

Its happening to alot more than just me is my point. Several of my friends have experienced it too. Blizz has slacked off so hard in customer support. Its not much surprise so many things go undone anymore. I keep subbing so complaining really solves nothing. Its just a complaint i suppose.

You’ve repeated this phrase a lot in your responses, but simply put this is not how software/the game/add-ons work together. When you have an add-on update waiting to be installed it doesn’t automatically prevent you from loading zones in the game.

All we can do in this forum is troubleshoot. If you’re interested in doing that, myself and others can help. But if you’re just here to shout into the void, I’ll let you continue on that path solo.

The steps you need to do for troubleshooting and what reports to provide are pinned at the top of this forum:

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