Trading post Tender

Can we get an increase to the amount of tender you’re providing given that this is on a monthly rotation, with items leaving to possibly never come back for months/years?

Currently, using the April trading post as an example. You are only given 1,000 trader bucks. However, if you wished to procure the items in the store you’d need a total of 4,725 trader bucks. With the mount requiring 90% of your monthly currency.

How are players supposed to get items they want if they’re hard capped on a MONTHLY basis at only getting 1,000? Why are the prices so high given your self-induced monthly cap? I could see the prices being high if there was a continuous way to procure tender, but there is not. Now players have to make the heart wrenching decisions of what items they would like to have, and hope to god some of the items that they wanted but couldn’t get come back at some point.

I believe the prices need to either come down, A LOT, or a way to continuously receive tender during the month needs to be enacted. This kind of store just leaves a sour taste. “Ohhh man, You only got 1k tender, hope you don’t like everything in the store because… YOU WONT BE ABLE TO GET IT. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

Edit: To Clarify - By stating I want a way to procure more on a monthly basis I am in NO WAY wanting you to put more currency as a Real Money purchase from the store. That would have the opposite effect. Micro-transactions have NO PLACE in a game that I’m already providing a transaction to you to play. Plus, lets be honest. You already have enough micro-transactions anyways.


An idea could be to add a Gold Sink to the Trading Post, permitting you to buy more Trader’s Tender for gold. Maybe in the long run phased out the Black Market Auction, and add it’s catalogue to the Trading Post as you would just be operating the Gold Sink function through having to buy more Trader’s Tender.


A gold sink trader’s post is just a long way of allowing the purchase of more tender with real money, which imo should be avoided at all costs.

That said, some items definitely feel very overpriced for what they are, and this month felt especially expensive. Slashing the prices a bit would help, especially on full armor sets and weapons, since, as Phenomenon mentioned, we currently have no idea when these items will return - and we don’t know what comes the following month. This is the fourth month of it, and I’m sure values are still being looked at (at least according to what was mentioned in the Live with the Devs session), so it’d be good to either earn some more tender per month or just lower the prices some.


Hello. Thank you for the feedback. As the Trading Post is still quite new, we’re taking in all the written feedback we can get. We’re also informed by the data we’re getting each month on which items players prefer, which activities they earn tender from, how early in the month they make their purchases, and many other points of information.

We do want to note that items will return and become available again in the future. You should feel comfortable passing on items that aren’t your first or second choice choice in a given month, knowing that you’ll see them again. We’re focused on making a system that has a long term impact.

We will continue to carefully examine the Trading Post, and discuss everything about it, and make changes when necessary. We don’t have anything along those lines to share at the moment.

Thank you.


Well. The thing is. People are talking about the need for one, and with Trading Post, we can almost export the BMAH’s stuff there. I am not 100% sure prices should be reduced on the Trading Post, except for some, like 750 for a back item is not correct priced, no matter the design if you compare with a mount at 900, and a pet at 600-750.

Just permit the ability to use gold to purchase 500-750 Trader’s Tender more in splits of 250.

If you are worried about it translating to real world currency, then we’re way too late on that with the use of BMAH, boosting, and the auction house.

I disagree in that regard - the solution to the problem of RMT isn’t to exacerbate it further in another area/feature. The intent of the trading post is clearly not to buy out all of the stock in one month, and adding tender for gold just turns it into a privileged cash shop, especially if it becomes a gold sink.

About pricing, I won’t pretend to know what price is correct for the items in terms of tender, but I do think there’s a discussion to be had about whether some items should be worth more or less, especially depending on what the item is, or even if it’s a novelty sort of item (like the quiver, of which there were very few of before).


But we hold no solution against RMT in general? All possible methods will cause a backdoor, or revert to even worse practices?

Removal of token will just open up for more 3rd party sellers once more. Removing gold trade will remove any thought of cooperative content with crafting, etc, and we can’t ban boosting due to the hairthin line it walks on between boosting for a tip to help, vs. boosting for a price. RMT has sadly a final curse, players want it, sellers has it - even so, it isn’t really RMT due to the general fact that we’re talking gold generated in the WoW community and not pulling out a card to buy tender.

As for “priviliged cash shop” you are not admitting that we already have that? Any item on BMAH above an average gold income could be considered so.


Please no.

Trading post is honestly excellent in its current iteration. Look at the price of things, sure, but don’t add more ways to get tender.


We know we have to work on pricing no matter what. The ones that didn’t seem right were things like the damn Treasure Chest at 750 Tenders, when a mount ia 900 Tenders, but at 900 Tenders it gets a bit too much overall, I don’t see that the mount should be cheaper either, for I believe you should damn well put in time.

If not able to purchase more Trader’s Tender via gold, then apply a higher cap with the ability to just grind through the Traveler’s Log. I mean, I hit my cap at about first or second day in, but I still tick in the log as I play through the month. So, increase the earned amount in the Log with an additional 500 points - happy grinding, I don’t mind.

I don’t think developers should give away more free points, nor should they reduce Mounts or Ensemble (Full Transmog sets) prices.

Things like a 450 Tender’s price for a 1H Weapon is a little over the top, or 750 Tender for a back item. Would say, leave the mounts at 800-900, put Ensembles (FULL SETS ONLY) at 500-750, put pets at 400-500, Small Ensembles (Like 2-3 variations of X item) at 300-450, everything else should be priced between 50-400.

Again, just because the BMAH can already be considered one doesn’t mean it’s good practice to apply that design philosophy elsewhere too. As Letholas put it, the way it works is already excellent in how to acquire tender. It’s the amounts and prices that should be looked at.


I believe that the best way to gather more tender per month would be as you recommended here. That being, being able to continue to progress thru the log getting tender as you continue through it. The more content/actions you partake in within a month, the more tender you receive to be able to procure more thru the store or hold onto for the next month.

Now, I can see this also being a negative. As, if someone doesn’t have all the tender required and the next thing on their log open to them would cause them to be “Forced” to go do content they don’t like doing. That action could leave a sour taste, but I also believe there is a lot of ways to get tender currently within the log that doesn’t exactly “require” that action to be taken.

I would also like to take this time to thank Kaivax for responding to this thread. Thank you for taking time to respond and provide inputs from the development team. :slight_smile:


The thing is, I’d rather see BMAH disappear and be absorbed by Trading Post, which would mean that the Auction mount would be on the trading post, and I have NO issue seeing a 4000 Tender price on it, hence suggestions of either increasing the cap or gold purchases as gold sink with a monthly limit, of course.


I could imagine the Log being upgraded with more tasks because currently, they are slim pickings, and you could add in more weird ones, or annoying - yes, I said annoying, like, go kill 20 of X critters. The Log isn’t meant to be vacuumed clean in a day, or two, or three, or even a week, but a whole month, so put in more versatile things than demanding current content Mythics/raids, etc.


I think thats a bit subjective to the model of the item.

What I mean is that I don’t mind those unique model back pieces (treasure chest, for example) costing more than regular cloaks. I think 750 is fine there because of the uniqueness. It’s proximity to mounts is also understandable as theyre all cosmetic, and so far the mounts have been recolors (not new models) of existing mounts, somewhat de-valuing them from a model perspective

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Remove the cap. A lot of players were excited about the Trading Post (myself included!) and working on the objectives throughout the month to collect/save tender. After seeing it’s capped at 1k each month, there’s zero reason to continue doing it once you unlock the monthly reward.


Yeah but you have to remember that all recolers we see on the Trading Post wouldn’t be used unless, Trading Post, as they were just side things in a pile, forgotten until someone would come and go, “Hey, I can use that”.

Naw, don’t remove, just increase. The Log should contain tasks in a total value of 5000 points, but you should only be able to get some 2-2.5k. And the log should be shuffled enough for everyone.

Okay here is my compromise.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but as it stands now, you get tender in intervals as you complete the tasks which are worth points. 1000 points to get the end of the line item.

Make those 1000 points tender as well, so you get them as you go, with the extra bunches along the way.


Well, else the view could be - and I’m a firm stand on the free Tender only being 500, but have players pull in another 1000 as you say, or 1500 pr. month, of course, the points are in the end going to feel tedius as the tasks in the Log diminishes, leaving behind the ones you don’t really fully enjoy - and sadly, I think that should be a possibility as well. You aren’t forced to do anything, it is optional after all.

Then the Log needs to be bloated a bit more, adding more Pet Battle, Crafting, World Content tasks, there are already many PvE tasks, so, that ain’t overly needed - unless one could make people go through old dungeons - without ignoring new players (which is a different topic, but an issue we have with the LFG queues).

Isn’t the option to freeze things in the Trader’s Post supposed to help with the things you want later? This could apply here, maybe. Freeze those items and keep them in your list so it can be bought the next month.

I don’t think the amount of tender needs to be changed, but the asking price of items, yes. The comment about cloaks being 700 plus is correct in my mind. Unless one of those cloaks becomes a design that will actually wrap around my character’s shoulders, I will never ever buy one of those.