Touch of the Magi QOL Idea

Afternoon Mages!

TLDR: Please make “Touch of the Magi” an active ability that allows us to release its damage before the duration ends.

I’ve been playing my Arcane Mage, mostly for PvP. With the 2-pc damage amplification, and 4-pc Touch of Magi duration extension, I believe it would be a nice quality of life change if Blizzard allowed us to activate the “burst” from Touch of the Magi.

It feels bad when you bring a PvP target low and Touch of the Magi would’ve killed, but because of the extended duration, it gives the enemy time to heal/recover. Similarly, it also feels bad when you have some nice damage incoming into a PvE target, but it dies before Touch releases it’s damage.



Absolutely. Having control over abilities is always a plus and should be a given to a lot of these burst abilities.

I think a lot of arcane players also have a small list of changes that would make the spec much more enjoyable that gets talked about a bit. Slipstream baseline, Clearcast procs lasting longer. (I’ve had many situations where I just cant get/keep these rng procs to do anything substantial.).

Also I wouldn’t mind TOTM also having a CD change, or maybe a talent to help bring it up to better fit some damage windows. Especially in M+ pulls as others have mentioned.


It kinda hurts when you go into mythic+ and starts seeing everything get deleted by… obvious suspect classes on fortified and tyranical weeks and forcing you to hold cds because everything is dying too fast for totm to be fully utilized properly. I always feel bad on my end because I just know they think I’m trying to be carried when I’m not :frowning:

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So what I hear you saying is: bring prismatic crystal back


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Meh. Thats pretty much a combination of radiant spark, the tier set, arcane echo and touch of the magi on steroids, but very prone to scuffed execution with tanks :frowning:

Yea I was half joking. The fact that it needs to be placed down is reason enough to be deterred by it but it was also really broken (but fun for me personally) when it was a thing lol. I wouldn’t be averse to actual changes to touch to where it pulses damage instead of being a big explosion. It would mitigate the massive variance caused by getting a barrage crit vs non crit as well.

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Or just have it trigger on death of the target. If fact, trigger on death should have more effect than trigger on time. Maybe 100% increased AOE dmg if it trigger on death. Would be nice if you actually had incentive to kill the target it’s on, rather than string it along for the time to elapse.


TotM should already trigger on the death of the target, it just won’t do the damage to the target it was on (since it was dead).

These are the options before us:

  • Leave it as is so we can complain about it
  • Let us recast the button so that we can trigger it earlier
  • Make it do increased damage to all other targets if the target dies while the buff is still present
  • Let it auto-trigger itself if the stored damage is greater than the remaining health of the target
    • Requires math
  • Remove TotM (or make it a proc again)

The ability to recast it to trigger it manually is the most enticing. I do foresee myself accidentally double tapping the button and ending it as soon as I cast it, but that’s something I can learn to deal with.

The concept of letting it do MORE damage if the main target is killed is very interesting to me. It would also prompt a change in what I’m putting it on and possibly even who my party / raid members are targeting during a fight. My guess, however, is that if blizzard went this route, they wouldn’t give it a high enough increase to be noticeable

I put in the “execute” option because it is, technically, an option, but I imagine there’d be a lot of bugs / edge cases / overall issues with such an idea. It’s a pipe dream, really.

But, at the end of the day, I honestly want to see TotM removed altogether. This is the one spell in the entire kit that just never feels good to cast. For context, I play the Kyrian-Harmony style (and have since day 1), and I went that route because I didn’t want to have to rely on ToTM as much as all the guides said I’d have to (which I didn’t until the tier sets came out). ToTM is the spell that just never lines up with anything. The cast time makes it a pain when trying to burst, that target could die early or get pulled away, and it’s just another buff on top of our already absurd lineup of buffs. Give me charged up back and do some number tweaking. Make it a random proc again for a small boost. Or give me a talent that lets me change / remove it in exchange for something different (even if it isn’t better). The only other non-talented arcane spell or ability that I find to be that problematic is mana gem, which like… Why is it even there?


Could you make it increase damage taken from the player by 25% and exploding upon death or after x seconds ?

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I support the idea of pressing ToTM button to detonate it early as well. This option gives player the most control over the ability and can make 4 tier set bonus actually always useful instead of current “sometimes useful, sometimes harmful”.

And of course the trigger should be off-GCD, so that we don’t waste an additional GCD to do that.


honestly the funnest part of totm for me rn is saying in voice that I’m going to touch the mob with no context

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That and maybe it auto blows up when the stored damage would otherwise kill the target

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That would be nice but i dont think Blizzard would add that type of calculations into the game since it wouldnt account for an enemy using a damage reduction ability etc