Totally useful Goblin lookin' for work!

I can do stuff. I can do a LOTTA stuff.

I can…hit stuff. I can stop stuff from hittin’ YOUS. I can haggle like you ain’t ever SEEN, heh.

Legality ain’t no worry for me, so just hand me them employment contracts and lets start makin’ gold.

Oh, right. Name’s Waddo. Waddo Cash. How ya doin’?

Looking for a heavy RP guild, preferably criminal but not a deal breaker.


The Horde Guild Directory is always a great place to start!

I’d also like to direct your attention to some other guilds whose members I see around a lot! Keep in mind, what follows is not a comprehensive list and others should feel free to elaborate/add to it.

The Oyster Business: Mostly goblin RP crime guild. Honestly, I think this might be the closest to what you might be looking for, hence me putting it at the top of the list.

Frostbite Contingent: Partially Goblin owned mercenary company. Not sure how criminal they are, but they are mercenaries. That requires a certain kind of pragmatism.

Gearpunk Dynamics: Mostly goblin business, not criminal as far as I know. They don’t sell weapons at the very least.

And of course, the wonderful and super amazing…

Firebrand Enterprises : Goblin owned mercantile guild. Less criminal and more comically amoral in pursuit of profit.


Pssst, I think she gets some kick-back for that last recommendation. ;3

In reality Fiirebrand, Gearpunk, and Frostbite are all good eggs. Excellent gobliny shenanigans I highly recommend associating with.


I also would say The Oyster Business would be a great fit for what it sounds like you’re looking for!

Oh, and Firebrand Enterprises are like, 10 OUT OF 10 as far as guilds go, so I’d look into them as well!

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Unfortunately Nitrofuse Bombsquad went bankrupt ages ago, but its nice to goblins finding new employment on the regular.

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Don’t consider the southfury watch they suck!!!

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I heard they taste like beer-basted boar ribs. :yum: