Tortollen WQs and Warmode


Alliance (maybe horde?) seem to like to camp the tortollen wq spawn points and farm people. Is there a way you can discourage this. Maybe give us a safe zone and/or no quest/honor credit when using these quests. it’s not fun to be camped with no defense. you can start the quest in an empty zone, then finish and immediately be stunlocked with no way out. These spawn points get camped for HOURS, yet alliance gets rewarded with gear for doing it.

(Nuadorin) #2

This is the reason I am glad they put in war mode and took out world pvp but I am sorry that you are having trouble. You are always going to have people that do that as they say " it the nature of the beast ".

(Bynir) #3

You can turn off War Mode much for the same effect?

(Maelfarion) #4

I sympathise, but I think it’s something we have to get used to. One or two deaths to get to and away from a WQ isn’t so bad. They could increase the artefact power and war resource reward for Tortollans.

I think it would make sense lore-wise for Champions of Azeroth quests to be safe zones though, as we are supposed to be working together to heal Azeroth.

I’m just thankful they are adding guards to the Tortollan flight paths - the Tortollans are neutral and would definitely not allow slaughter in their camps.