Tortollan quests bugged

All 3 types are bugged for me. Shell game just stops after matching all the shells. Same with Make Loh Go. I even get the fireworks, but it’s stuck there. And on Beachhead, I don’t even get credit for talking to Nola, so the turtles don’t count as getting saved.

Anyone else having an issue?


Sounds like you’re either in a raid group and not getting credit, or your UI is borked. Try this first:

/script LeaveParty()

If that doesn’t work, try this:


I’m an idiot. I’m in a raid group


Lol, yup, that’ll do it.

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Had no problem doing the beach ones earlier but I did have trouble using the flight master at Garden of the Loa in Zul. Three different toons were unable to use the taxi and all were out of combat and could mount. First time I’ve ever had that particular issue.

Where did that “Derp” moment thread go? I have a new entry.


Hah! I’ve got’chu, fam.

New fun plan, invite people to your group that’s a raid and see how long it takes them to notice they’re not getting credit for things.

“Weird bro, it’s not a raid, we only have 3 people! duh!”


I’m no longer ashamed of how many times this has happened to me. It’s just the story of my life in WoW.

Second most-common mistake I make-- playing for hours with Kirin Tor Rings and Cloak of Coordination equipped before noticing my weak damage.


I’ve done that with Wrap of Unity

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Yeah, teleport cloaks/rings/shoes are the usual culprit. And fishing poles.

My excuse is shadowform. >_>

You silly sausage :joy:

Way back in ye olden days of Wrath, my guild and I were doing Onyxia, and for some strange reason, I was just getting absolutely wrecked on her, even though I’d MT’d her plenty of times before.

Each pull went the same, I’d have her attention, P1 would go on for a few seconds, and before long my health would just start dropping like a rock. Obviously we wiped multiple times, and couoldn’t understand why.

It was around the third pull that I looked at my character sheet, realized I had the Kirin Tor Signet ring on, and that I had dropped under the Defense cap, and was getting crit.

For the rest of the expansion while Defense remained a thing, it turned into a running gag if I had the Kirin Tor signet ring on whenever we wiped.