Torghast revisted

So I did lvl 4 torghast today with a rogue. So boring. I guess I should say I’m a disc priest so I have a little dps output on top of heals. I find 2s in torghast by far the easiest. I’ve done five man’s and its crazy healing. I done threes and it’s not fun. But 2s is perfect. So I ate lunch and tried five with an arms warrior. We were both ilvel 185 so nothing crazy. Wasn’t bad at all. No deaths. So we did level 6. No probs was def harder. No deaths but more challenging and I found myself having fun. So i went from hating torghast to liking it. Can’t wait to smash 7-8 tomorrow and upgrade my legendary!

Great post! Yes Torghast is also one of my favorite parts of this expansion, I also can’t wait till tomorrow to have another go at it and the recent changes will things more challenging!

Thanks yes I hope it’s interesting and challenging. I thought about all the posts where u do something and do t get anything except soul ash and if u die nothing. And I thought… That’s not a new concept in wow. Que a bg and lose. U get not much. It’s the challenge that made it interesting. It reminded me of diablo levels diablo 1. If they made it creepy with the butcher and music it would be so fun.