Torghast Highest Layer Now Unlocked for Alts

This is a very good change.
What other changes will you be doing to make this expansion alt friendly?

…of course it comes almost immediately after I’ve taken my fourth character through each layer…

Please note: Twisting Corridors remains separately shared to alts, and completing Twisting Corridors only will not grant access to normal layers for other characters on the account.

Could you please clarify whether completing a layer of TC will unlock that same layer of TC for your alts? Or is Twisting Corridors strictly character bound?


I am able to do Twisting Corridors Layer 8 on a different character on the same realm so should be account bound once you work your way up.

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Thanks! I’m stuck at work, so every little piece of information helps!

Thanks for all the news today, Kaivax. It’s really appreciated!

Make soul ash gain account wide too

Thank you!

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,8 was a nightmare. Just so you could get into the normal 8,8 flow. Especially now that it is pretty easy to do M0 tours and hit 180 ilvl fairly quickly.

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Very nice change. Thank you blizzard.

plunder torghast? what are we plundering? the sand? not much plundering.

Omfg THANK YOU! now THIS is alt friendly. Please blizzard do more of this.

Thank you Blizzard for this.

Got my shaman through Layer 8 Coldheart for the first time, and didn’t have to slog through four layers before hand.

This should have been live since the release of the expansion.

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Best change yet… I just got my druid to 60 and was dreading the grind up to 8, now I can just jump in.

A first for everything. I hope we see more positive and good choices like this in the future for the game.

The catch up mechanics as is with renown is fine, not to mention Renown doesn’t max out until March when everyone hits renown 40 then. I recently got a monk to 60 and got 16 renown levels in a few days. So, in 10 days I reached the current max renown last week. You still have to do the Covenant chapters for those levels linked to them.

Oh thats nice, AFTER I get all my alts to level 8.


Not sure if this is a bug or intended, but after this is live, i could no longer see the very first anima orb when i enter torghast again.

Conditions to reproduce:

  • any layer
  • in a two-person party
  • have already done torghast reuirement for the week, but redoing again with mate
  • it seems like if one party member has a rare anima option spawn, the other member could not see it (in a 2 man party)
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This is great! Between catchup renown and this change alts feel better.

Now can we please get a Maw intro skip?