Torghast and 'Lest the Trail Go Cold'

This quest, which is central to acquiring Soul Ash, cannot be completed this week since none of the Torghasts required are available. It’s already enough of a chore having to run this on every alt to get legendaries, please hotfix this to make the quest either doable in TC or any wing.

Did six floors of a TC to find out it wasn’t available there :frowning:

The quests is not central to getting soul ash it’s a little bonus soul ash not central to it.

Also the quest can be done this week or any week. It’s from killing a boss on floor 6 for any layer any wing. There is not a specific wing needed. Can confirm this on wowhead with people listing basicly all wings as being done on. The missing ones are a safe bet to be just no one posted.

If you dint get a drop from a floor 6 boss your in the wrong fourm go to bug reports.

True-ish. It’ll take a hotfix to be able to do it this week. But it can be completed another week.

Wrong. Even the quest text says you can only get it from 3 wings, none of which are currently available. And the wowhead comments support not being able to do this in all wings.

A blue on the CS forums has said they plan on hotfixing this so that you can complete the quest in any wing.