Top Whitemane Alliance guild recruiting!

Alliance | NA-PvP | Whitemane | Semi-Hardcore

Who are we?

Is one of the best guilds in the Whitemane Server , we are a core group of raiders thriving to compete at the highest level of PvE progress & maintaining this type of atmosphere within the guild.
Currently clearing MC & Ony with two separate groups in roughly one hour. We also have some of the to players on the server leading the charge to rank 14.

This could be your opportunity to be part of our guild , we are currently looking for exceptional players on their role that want to prove themselves. If you are up to the task send a DM to apply.

Transfers to the Whitemane server will be paid in full by the guild.

Note: Things that need to be considered before applying. Ability to commit 100% to our raid times and maintain a high level of attendance, while maintaining an attitude of truly enjoying the game for the nostalgic reason we all do.

SCHEDULE: Tuesday/Wednesday 7-10 PST

Recruitment Needs:
Priest: High (Disc)
Paladin: High (Holy)
Warrior: High (Tank)
Warrior: Medium (Fury)

We will consider ALL exceptional applicants.

What do we expect from you?
Knowledge about your class , open minded to constructive criticism , come prepared with consumables.

Our Loot System:
We operate within a Loot Council system that will distribute the loot as efficiently and fair as possible for the better progression of the guild in current & future content.

For more information / inquiries please contact any Officer in-game ( Impose / Dibul / DJBlazeit )
Or hit us up on discord

Dibul #4117
Raptorjeezus #2105