Top 10 Best Removed Hunter Pet Abilities From WoW's History

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The removal of abilities from the pets makes sad. I enjoyed having the shale spider buff, the battle rez, the extra CC… but most of all I miss being able to spec out pets how we want.


I also miss being able to spec pets, and not being stuck with using only a handful of pets due to mortal wounds or cunning/ferocity.

Hunter pets could definitely be given some sort of group utility maybe not in the form of raid buffs but at least party wide minor buffs or a battle res.

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They desperately need to bring back talent trees and let us spec our pets how we want them - it was such a great idea and taking it away was easily one of the biggest mistakes they’ve made and makes no sense at all.

Also giving us back some form of group buffs and ideally a battle res again would make a huge leap in Hunter utility.

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[edit] Dumb me it’s about pet abilities …

pet breed specific abilities only means one thing: you’re mandated to picking the best one, which goes directly against player expression

Not if you just make the “unique” abilities equivalent thematic only differences and make the meaningful stuff “class” talents (Tenacity, Ferocity and Cunning).

Or if you readd Beast Training, with what you learn from other pets giving you more to teach any given pet.

Even if Tallstrider might then have the “best” Dust Cloud by nature of, say, native skills being slightly over transferred ones, if its defensive and utility skills are meta in combination, you’re back to choice.