Tons of felguard color varation in game

As well as that same model wielding weapon in both hands instead of just having a free arm like we got now.

Like seriously, in the beta for legion the felguard pet wielded his axe in 2 hands, now he is back to wielding it in one while felguards we fight can hold their singular weapon in both hands, some are even seen duel wielding and using shields now.

I really want to see an orange or something felguard color, even more wrathguard colors.

The weirdest parts about this is that they already exist? Why cant we use them?


i would love to see more demon glyphs

its kinda funny the amount of love druids get (or hell the water elemental that no1 uses) , but locks nah…


I don’t know if glyphs are the answer, they should be available in the barber or something.

There is just so many options we are not getting.

We have a post asking for things like this, hope we get something in future =/


I am asking for a lil more, but that is an excellent post as well.

yeah barber would be cool


Summon vile fiend comes in different colors and its a talented ability, the models are in the game,so why cant we use more colors on fel and wrathguard?

I want y’all to get tamable demons!

Make it happen blizzard!

And give Dk ramble undead plox!

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I think we need a demon negotiation platform or something, demons arent slaves and they arent pokemon.

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the taming system can be called whatever so long as it occurs lol.

When we summon dread stalkers they have muliple colors, when we summon vilefiend it has multiple colors, when we summon imps they have multiple colors, when we use nether portal they have multiple demons in multiple colors.

Why is felguard and wrathguard strictly tied to one?

just make it a thing where u talk to a warlock trainer and want a different colored felguard, like how we can choose between succubus or incubus.