Token gold price new US record high 362,692

Anyone know what’s going on?


Idk but I’m def buying a token for gold. Y’all farmers gonna have to farm even more to pay me.


Virtual gold is expensive to mint.

Lol that’s kinda how it works.

I guess there’s ‘nobody’ playing the game (less farmers, to gold-buyers), and everyone is buying tokens, so the demand increases.

Diablo Immortal and Diablo 4 are probably causing people to buy tokens for Bnet balance, and there’s nothing going on in WoW to cause people to buy gold. Maybe it will drop down some whenever a new raid comes out.


Not disagreeing that that is not a possibility…but someone could also argue that tokens are more expensive because ‘nobody’ is playing, so no one is buying tokens for real money, so the supply has significantly decreased

A few months ago I would have agreed with this, but the D4/D:I hype is gone


Oh my god. I just spent 333k on a game token for my sub this keeps up I wont be playing. Why, cause right now the game is not worth it for what a casual player gets. To spend IRL money. This IMO.


brb gonna buy a token.



Funnily, you can pay for your sub with Classic gold for really cheap.

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I mean, if there is no demand, then the prices would drop. Prices going up means people are buying them.

Price is now coming down from a morning-high of 364,790g, so SELL 'EM IF YA GOT 'EM!

I assume that you realize that there’s a difference between supply and demand and that they both equally affect the prices…which was the point of my post. Since we know nothing about the current WoW population, we could speculate that prices are going up because either demand is very high or supply is very low.

In my opinion, this late in the season and with no other games releasing, I would be surprised if demand is very high.


Nope, it’s just plain supply and demand. Not this pointless make-believe argument you’re trying to pull.

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This is why I got the year sub when it was avalible

Help me out here, what’s my make-believe argument?

Can’t help those who can’t help themselves. Sorry. :frowning:

I thought it was the other way around.


There are a few different scenarios that could be causing this and without access to any hard data, it’s hard to tell which one it is.

It could simply be that the number of whales has dropped and we’re now in a spiral where rising value of tokens means the remaining whales don’t need to buy/sell as many tokens to sustain their needs while people selling gold have not yet exhausted their savings trying to sustain a free playstyle.

Ah, a typical forum conversation, then. Jump into a conversation, look silly, and then deflect when asked to explain yourself.

Well, good day to you. lol.


Funny because by all counts population for those games are down to unsustainable levels. Hell more people were playing diablo 3 for its recent season than d4.