TODAY: NO CHROMIE: The Monster Ball! (Costumed Hallows End Event October 30th at 8:00pm be here....IF YOU DARE!)

Date: October 30th, 2020
Time: 8:00 pm (Moon Guard server time)
Location: A temple of the Moon, Ruins of Isildien, Feralas (Feralas NOT DARNASSUS DONOT GO TO DARNASSUS FOR WE WILL NOT BE THERE <3 )
Addons: Musician , make sure you download it please! <3
Event Map:
Event Discord:

Event Description:

“When the clock strikes eight Let us altogether meet! It’s a party we will never forget! It’ll be a tasty spooky treat! Get ready for the spooky night! Be prepared for creeps and frights! As the witches and monsters will be here tonight! It’s a vampire and zombies’ ball! Let’s meet when night starts to call Dress your best to scare the rest And see who wins the Monster Prize at the Monster Ball! October 30th at 8:00pm (MG sever time) at the Ruins of Isildien , Inside the Temple of the Moon, ((IN FERALAS NOT DARNASSUS, MAKE SURE YOU HEAD TO FERALAS)), Feralas , Kalimdor!”

Event Overview:

This is a costumed elegant ball of the upper tastes but with a flavor for all! It will feature quite the cast of spooks and gooks as you are swept into the magics inside an ancient Kaldo’rei Temple lit by the waters of the last Moon Well that still survives in a Temple of the Moon to this day. Music by Jenny the Bard will Grace your ears as look upon the great temple chamber! With it’s high ceilings , large dance floor, and two stories you will find plenty of room to make new friends and bring life and honor to this massive hall!

As the evening begins our lovely crew of volunteer booth holders will be about upstairs and downstairs to please and serve your whims with their Hallows End themed wares! Check out the event discord map channel for information about where the booths are located throughout the Temple!

Booth List:

1----Booth 1: Om Nom Noodles

2----Booth 2: The Get Away Café Witch Doctor Booth

3----Booth 3: ol’ Thal’doras Bearmantle’s Baked Goods and Sweets

4----Booth 4: Hallow’s End Charity Fundraiser selling knitted and crocheted wares

5 & 6----Booth 5: Leurah’s Tarot and Crystal Ball reading , and Booth 6: Aeralin’s Tarot Readings and Light blessings, on same balcony working together

Check out the Event Booth Channels for booth Menus , treats, wares, and activities!

Half way through the event Jenny the Bard will take a break and we’ll host our Group costume contest!

Here are the rules for the contest:

Monster Ball Group Costume Contest

A party of 5-6, in costume with a unifying theme.

Contesting groups will be judged on the quality of their appearance in relation to their theme. Points to be given to variety, creativity, accuracy, (so group uniforms won’t get you far) and their face value TRP name. So At-A-Glances won’t matter.

This is to challenge players to find the best mog to look the best character per the theme of their group.


  1. Must be a party of 5-6 different PLAYERS (sorry multiboxers!)
  2. The theme can be quasi OOC (e.g. IRL groups, fiction or none). Warcraft-ified pop culture references absolutely welcome.
  3. Pets are considered accessories that adds to the group FEEL, but it will mostly be down to individual players’ xmog presentation.
  4. Cooldown-restricted toys is use-at-your-own-risk. If the duration runs out when the judges walk around, no complaining


The prize will SCALE to how many groups will be participating THE EVENING OF. Please remember to report to the host that your group will be present during the ball so we have an accurate tally.

1-5 groups competing: ONE, 500k grand prize.

5 groups or more: ONE 1 million gold grand prize. ONE 500k second.

Please sign up your group in the Event Discord’s “Costume Contest” channel, Must be a party of 5-6 different PLAYERS (sorry multiboxers!)

After the Group Costume contest, Improv Master Dreyfus Xano will go to the middle and perform his comedy act for a while and entertain everyone with his wholesome family friendly humor!

After that Jenny the Musician will return to the stage to continue performing until our booths close, encores can be requested!

After the Booths close and the music is done, we will crown our Monster King and Creature Queen!

How the Crowning will work:
We will have TWO SEPARATE VOTES, one for the queen where everyone will whisper Alicedawford (me lol) who they think was the queen of the Ball and then I will announce her name and she will be crowned and then the king will be voted in in the same way and he will be crowned and they will both win a SPOOKY MYSTERY PRIZE! OOOOOOOO!

After that the Runaway Theatre Troupe will bring everyone outside for a FIREWORK EXTRAVAGANZA!!!




-8:00 pm The Event Opens with Lady Alice of House Dawford welcoming everyone to the Temple as the booths open, and as soon as she is done yelling Jenny the Musician will begin playing her magical tunes and the event will begin!

-9:00 pm Group Costume contest, everyone that wishes to partake in the contest will proceed outside the temple with Lady Alice and the fellow judges to allow the contest to take place without disrupting Jenny the Musician playing music for the rest of our visiting patron’s enjoyment

-9:30pm Jenny the Musician will finish her AMAZING music and Improv Master Dreyfus Xano will perform his Comedy act

-10:00pm The Runaway Theatre Troupe performs a play for everyone’s enjoyment!

-10:30pm Booths close for the night

-10:45pm Jenny the Musician finishes her tunes and we vote for and crown our Monster King and Creature Queen!

-11:10pm We all go outside for fireworks on by The Runaway Theatre Troupe

This Event is hosted by Dawford Entertainment

This Event is Brought to you by and Thank you to:

-Om Nom Noodles

-The Get Away Cafe

-The Church of the Holy light and the Cardinal









Thank you for clicking on our thread and we hope to see you at the Ball!

MAKE CERTAIN when you come to the event you have NO Chromie time and are in the current timeline phase when you come thank you <3


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A question, for clarification because my eyes can’t find it if it’s there: must all parties including the king and queen nominees be in costume, or only those participating in the costume contest?


WHOOT! Om Nom Noodles will be there with our Hallow’s End special menu:

http:// www.tinyurl. com/OmNomHallowsEnd

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