Today is the last day of Shadowlands

As of tomorrow, after maintenance, SL is no longer required content for leveling to 60.

Dracthyr become playable and the real pre-patch begins


I can’t wait for Shadowlands Classic.


Oh, Idk. SL will still be current content for 2 more weeks. Anyone know the item level of the Uldaman gear?



Gonna miss my antlered queen.

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It’ll stop being shadowlands when covenant and legendaries are disabled in battlegrounds >.>


I’m sure you can just make tyrande a really long robe, give her some stilts and tape some antlers on her and it’s the same, right?

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My last day of Shadowlands was when we patched over to 10.0. Moved all my characters out of SL zones, rebound them elsewhere.

Hope to never go back.


Uldaman ilvl is 278

Elemental invasion ilvl is 252


Started new toons on a brand new server and made sure to park them at 45 so the SL intro quest doesn’t even get put in my quest log. That’s how much I hated SL. Good riddance. DF could literally be the most crap xpac and it would be 100x better than SL

Thank Yogg Systemsland is over!!

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As soon as I find a new gold making system I’ll be happy.

It was the only reason to log in… Callings make good money

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SL was absolute GARBAGE and Oribos worst hub in the history of the game.

I dunno man, Ashran is kinda butt…at least Oribos was clean

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I’d still rather have Ashran over Oribos any day

you know, I wish they had of done more with the story about her and Elune apparently being sisters