To the 35 priest with the 31 rogue today in STV

You guys were badass together! I salute you! You killed me plenty when I attacked. I don’t mind dying, I just want world pvp fun. Thanks for that. =D

You should also thank the raid of 60 alliance mages who were killing lowbies at Grom Gol.
Can’t get more pathetic than that.

Haha yeah I was one of the victims. I was standing at the mailbox in Grom, then BLAMMO I was dead lol.

You think you have it on your own, Horde do the exact same thing in STV…

Its a php server… if you don’t like it Ofer to PVE server… That simple. In war you are the enemy and if your infant of a stronger foe (or many) you die and die more until YOU get strong and dish it out. Stop clogging up the forum with your little crying please.

I was doing the opposite of complaining. I was thanking them for the fun and complimenting them.