<To Rise and Remain> T/W/Th Raid, Affliction Lock/Enhance Sham

    Join the community! https://discord.gg/bd73Uh8SqK all are welcome to join TRAR as socials until teams are finalized.
Or apply directly to register for the PVE team: https://forms.gle/dNAEJbvtvR6ZuWm49

To Rise and Remain is recruiting!

| [Horde] Kromcrush | NA-PVP | Raid times: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:00pm-11:30pm EST |

Loot: 3-man Loot Council based around attendance, performance, activity, preparedness and general attitude.

About us: Original friend group met back in November of 2008, rekindled at the start of Classic launch and looking forward to the future of TBC PVE raiding! Our team is attuned and ready for SSC/TK progression and speed clearing. There is always room for improvement. If you are a demanded role and our times match your schedule, join the disc. to apply!

Current Progression: SSC (5/6), TK (3/4)

Core raiders need apply and trial with us on select roles.

In current need of:
Affliction Lock
Enhancement Shaman
Any and all exceptional and skilled/geared players.

Or, DM: Nickyboy, Thedeadman, Dårthmaul, Deirdra in game or in our discord!

We are extremely excited for TBC and have had back to back 4 hour officer meetings getting everyone prepped and ready to go for the new content. We just need to fill a few more spots to have an amazing raid team.

Prepatch is soon, and updated multiple roles to recruitment. Please if you are looking to raid and are one of the available classes. Please reach out or join the discord!

Update, looking for Feral druid tank, Prot Pally, Balance druid, and Holy Priest!

Two days remaining, and excited to get leveling. Looking for players looking for a great community. Join the disc even if you’re unsure!

Currently recruiting for Imp EA Rogue, Boomkin and Survival Hunter! DM Nickyboy, Thedeadman, Dårthmaul or Deirdra in game or in discord!

Add jake#11179 IMp rogue if your still looking

Improved Armor Rogue spot has been filled, Still looking for a Hunter interested in Survival and a Balance Druid to round off roster!

Bump, in need of a shaman!

Bump for Enhance!

Bumping for Survival Hunter and Holy Paladin!

Bump for Holy Pal - Prot Pal - Enh Sham update. Join the disc!

Bump, for Holy Pal, Enh Sham!

Bump for Affliction Lock~!