To muse on maintenance delays while we have the time

To all y’all IT and DevOps folks out there… seriously… what do you think it is?

My theory is underestimating the execution time of the snapshot process. It’s the only thing Classic hasn’t already given them experience with at scale.

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I am thinking it’s a manpower issue and something was not tested. And i bet it was on the classic servers, not the tbc prepatch environments…

I’d likely agree in saying it’s snapshots. Given, not that my experience is every experience, but you usually give an extra allotted time span for server reboots/updates. Not that 8 hours+ is the time span I’ve used, but 3 or so hours is not uncommon.

I think they just kinda suck at their jobs.

UNBELIEVEABLE! 7 hours delay!? I’m THIS CLOSE to skipping this hot garbage dumpster fire of a game!

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Manpower lack of enough testing and a little tiny bit of Incompetence thrown in for good measure!

Do it. Uninstall. Show em who’s boss. DOOOO ITTTTTT! :joy:

Oh it’s going to be more than 7 hours think along the lines of 24+

you aint gon do nothinnnnnn

Ahh, Blizzard has answered.

Very Extended Maintenance - WoW Classic / The Burning Crusade Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

To all complaining about extended maintenance, try the 3 day outages after the original Naxx release in vanilla. Then you’d be truly raging over your subscription $$'s